Waterfall Abseiling @Ulu Geruntum Waterfall, Gopeng

Here we are at Ulu Gerentum Waterfall to make my debut experience in waterfall abseiling. This is one of my crazy challenge lists which I always wanted to do it. I signed up with Riverbug Asia for this adventure. The cost is RM100.00/pax with comes with lunch (if you are doing it in the morning) and tea break (if you are doing it after lunch). It was a very long road from to the Ulu Gerentum Waterfall when we have to go through a rough road.
The water here is very chilling cool but I am not sure if it is safe to drink. Anyway, water bottle is provided in this trip.
The waterfall is about 4-storey height so it is just nice for beginners.
Geared up and listen to a short safety briefing. First and foremost, please accept my apology that my picture quality in this post is very bad because I was using my iPhone 5 to capture. Unless you have a waterproof camera otherwise, it is not really advisable to bring your camera because you will definitely get wet!
A short climb to the top of the waterfall.
Max, one of the safety instructor is preparing all the safety measurement to make sure everything is in place before the adventure. Water abseiling is a very dangerous adventure so do not be little it.
While waiting for the setup to be complete, I had my own leisure time to explore further on this waterfall. Seems like this waterfall has 3 levels (from what I have seen). This is the second level before the last one I shown to you earlier on. There is another level up there but these levels are not suitable for abseiling. 
This is a suitable one for waterfall abseiling. You will be given 3 - 4 times to go through this which depends on the time you take for each round and the adaptability of the challenge. At the beginning, you will start from the right where the rapid is not that strong. Then slowly every each round you will be going to your left to make the attempt to go down.
What you are looking now is my last attempt at the most right of the the waterfall. This is the hardest one. Every each abseiling done, I need to climb back up again.
Can you see me? Barely...I was almost totally covered by the strong rapid. It was really crazy. The water is like continuously slapping my face and pushing my entire body down. Can you imagine I supposed to go down from the right but the rapid is so strong and push me all the way to the center. I guess Max up there had no choice but to follow me to the center as well.
I must strengthen my leg and put all my weight to my back. This position will give a good grip on the rock. If you don't...
...you will slipped like I did now. The crazy water is not showing me any mercy to me. The strong rapid pushing me downwards which I bare able to get myself back to my position.
At this moment, you might think of giving up but that's never a good choice. I gave all my strength to my legs to stick my legs on to the rock.
I am back in serious business once again but the water is just not stop coming towards you. The feeling was great and I am really enjoying my every moment fighting with the crazy rapid.
I really got a feeling that the waterfall wants to defeat me at all cost. I like this feeling because it gives me courage for me to carry on with what I have started. 
Yes, and I am going to end this! Just a few steps more and I am done!
Finally, I still able to smile! Yes, the smile of victory. No prizes for accomplishing it but self-satisfaction is the only thing I won.
Pretty tired and it is time for me to lay flat and rest. I am kind of enjoy being hit by the water now.
It is time for me to take a leak too. Just kidding! =)
I feel great and I want to look for other waterfall abseiling which is higher than this. 4-storey tall seems like not enough for me. I prefer a 12-storey tall waterfall at least...haha. Crazy! The total time spent for this adventure is 2 hours and 30 minutes inclusive the road journey.
Package includes:
1) Car Transfer
2) Water bottles
3) Lunch or Tea Break
4) Equipment Rental

Things to wear:
1) Sports wear
2) Short pants or long pants is good. As long as it is not jeans.
3) Sports shoes. A non-slip sole is preferred.

Things to bring:
1) Another set of clothes and shoes
*Note: You do not get to change your clothes immediately after the activity. You need to get back to their lodging area to do that. Do not worry that you will wet their vehicle because they have a countermeasure to that. You shall see. =)

Total Damage: RM100.00
Service: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Freakout Level: 5/5
Recommended?: Yes

Riverbug Asia
19-C, 1st Floor
Jalan Kg. Rawa
31600 Gopeng
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +6 012 313 1006


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