Cherating Beach

There were once Cherating Beach becomes so famous because our government's effort of promoting this place. However, it does not work out as what the government wants because the mother nature has made Cherating as one of the wettest place in Malaysia with heavily rainfall all year round. Things got worst after the government shifted their attention to develop Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Lang Tengah and Pulau Redang. 
An island will never defeat a beach. People just loves to go to an island which they can ride a boat away from the mainland because the seawater is clearer and their sand is whiter at the island. Next thing will be the transportation, unless you drive...otherwise, you hardly can get a bus there. The nearest city is Kuantan but there is no flight to Kuantan except you take over-priced MAS Airline or Fireflyz which only flies from Subang Airport.
Cherating is just 45 minutes from Kuantan town but even people in Kuantan would prefer a 10 minutes drive to Teluk Cempedak rather than this beach. So you can expect a very quiet and peaceful beach at Cherating. This is a good place for people who does not like big crowds.
After the government highly promoted this area, a number of big names have put their footprints here which are the famous Club Med Cherating and follow by Cherating Bay Resort, Eastern Pavilion Cherating, Holiday Villa Cherating, Impiana Cherating, The Legend Resort Cherating and many more to list. These are all rated 4 stars and above hotels and resorts.
Cherating Beach is still a good place for a company trip, school trip and family trip. They need to improve their transportation options so that they can direct the foreigners to have easy access to this place.
Ambiance: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5:
Recommended?: Only will recommend to you if you willing to drive.


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