ESCAPE Adventureplay Theme Park, Teluk Bahang

Are you the one who is sitting in front of your computer or laying on the bed playing with your phone all the time? If yes, you need to be cured! Here is one of the place which I called it as "rehabilitation" for the geeks, ESCAPE Adventureplay Theme Park! It is located in the reserved forest at Teluk Bahang and the drive will takes up to 40 minutes from Georgetown. It was opened in December 2012 which means it is just less than a year. Very very new!
When I looking at this, it reminds me about SkyTrex @Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. Just this part only because they have much more exciting challenges than SkyTrex. The entrance is only RM60.00 for all the fun! Unlike SkyTrex only has one but already cost RM50.00.
Click to enlarge to see all the fun! Not all ready yet. There are some under construction or maintenance. However, it is enough to occupy you for the whole day! Remember to wear sports wear and sports shoes when you are here. Oh yeah, outside drinks are not allowed to bring in. Use your own way to smuggle in because their drinks in the are super expensive. 
There really support greens. All their roof tops are natural grass. It really cool the buildings. I think I would want a grass roof as well for my house.
Their signature challenger is this Monkey Business. There are 3 stories as you can see which represent 3 level of difficulties but unlucky for me that the Level 3 on that day was closed for maintenance. Level 2 and 3 are only for 12 years old and above.
Level 1 is pretty easy for the adult like me but it is a good start for our kids to build their confidence, courage and bravery. There are 2 routes for Level 1.
If you have tried Level 1 and the moment you started your Level 2 challenges, you know the difficulty level is totally different. Every single bit of your strength on your body is required.
Once you tried level 2, you wouldn't bother to go to level 1 anymore. Yes, you can play over and over again. The only boring part is you need to go all the way down to line up and grab the ticket for the level you wish to play again.
There are 3 routes for level 2 and 3. Every route is not easy at all. Well for a monkey like me, I feel that Level 2 is just a warm up for me. Sorry if I sounded cocky but honestly if you are a person who routinely exercise, Level 2 is really nothing to you. 
No need to look down or to know how high you are at the moment. You are very safe with the safety rope that is tied on you. Traffic jam will easily happen if there are someone in front of you are hesitating like this. The only part I hate about this challenge is to wait for people to make their move. A simple 10 minutes - 15 minutes can make you used up to 45 minutes because of the queue. Only one person at one time for every challenges. 
Head facing to the front and brace up to make every step. Just be careful with your steps. A simple slip can sprain your leg or hurt your hands.
There is a lot flying fox challenges in every level of this Monkey Business. It is the easiest and the most relaxing one. Just sit down and let it slide. Remember to catch the net given by the end of the destination. Otherwise, you will be hanging in the middle of the rope. That is really embarrassing.
I will definitely be back for Level 3 challenge. If possible, do bring your gloves along because you will be using your hands all the time.
My next favorite challengers is Gecko Towers. There is a total of 8 challenges in it. Looks difficult but you will find it very easy when make your first try. Once you are expert in it, all you need to do is to challenge your own record time.
You can play how many times you want when reach your turn. You do not have to line up once again. They know your strength won't last for long anyway.
There is a more relaxing challengers is the Atan's Leap. The only thing you need is the courage to leap over 6 stories floor. The only thing is boring is you need to queue up for it. You may waste up to 1 hour just for this. Anyway, I prefer Bungee Jump because the rope of the bungee jump will not slow down the speed when you are going down. Well, for this will. So nothing to be afraid of.
Tubby Racer is the next challenger that is one of my favorite. You can have one on one challenge with your friend on the straight track which you can see behind this curvy track. The trick to be fast is just put your weight on the front for maximum speed. What I do not like about this is not needing me to pull the tube all the way to the top but the queue. There are sending a group of 8 at a time. It is really a waste of time especially the time when we need to pull the tube up which may waste up to 10 minutes there for just a 5 seconds ride.
Oh my...this is the hardest of all challengers. The Coco Climb! Difficulty level is MAX! The trick is use the cloth which is given. Do not use bare hand which is almost impossible and you might hurt your hands too. I succeeded in 25 seconds which actually can be done in 10 seconds because I wasted too much time in trying to recover my energy so that I can ring the bell. If you able to do it within 10 seconds, you will get free coconut. Actually really not many people able to finish it, don't even say in 10 seconds. After this challenge, I was totally worn out. I had used every single juice in my body for this.
Tarzan's Rope is rather relaxing challenge. You are actually like playing a swing. 
Don't jump...just drop!
And say wee~~~~
Oh my...I kind of showing off my butt. Anyway, this is the Go Ape! Much simple than Coco Climb but still not easy. A single wrong step you will fall. 
A good hand grip and tip toe strength are required in this.
When you are on the top, you just let go. Please be careful that you might bounce back to the tree. Use your leg to support and protect.
I did said Coco Climb is the hardest because it requires all your strength. This Balance Beam is very hard too. It requires great balancing! I saw her doing so easily and I thought I might do the same too.
Here is my attempt...What the heck...the whole steel is shaking! Stop shaking. Actually it was my leg which is shaking. LOL
Argh...I failed a couple of times. Never really did it right because my whole leg is shaking. I really do not know how to make my leg not to shake.
Making my final attempt. I was completely beaten by this challenge. Well, at last there is something I am weak.
This place is not just for adults. As long as kids who are 12 years or older, more than 20kg and taller than 120cm...all the challengers here are for your kids.
If your kids are not, there are plenty too such as Cubs Play, Dunk Tank, Zoom Bug, Tots Trail and Foxy Burrow. 
Serambi is a learning center for children to understand more about the nature. They have Treetop Cabana for rent which starts from RM50 - RM100 per day. It is a resting point and it is recommended if you have a big group. You can order drinks, fruits and satay when you rent their Treetop Cabana!
Another challenge which is not in the picture is the Flying Lemur. It is almost an endless flying fox which you will fly across the park for 4 times at 4 different route! 

For your information, they have this cash card which you top up in the card with a minimum RM30, RM50 and RM100 which you will use to buy drinks, food and rent a locker in this park. The balance will be refunded to you at when you exit. The locker cost is RM5.00 for the whole day. You can open and close the locker as many times as you like. Unlike Sunway Lagoon which they will charge RM5.00/use. Blood sucker!

In 2014, ESCAPE will open ESCAPE Waterplay park. The price will be different by that time and I think one day is just not enough to play everything here! Great job for opening this amazing park with reasonable price! Hope they can maintain.

Things to bring:
1) Sports wear
2) Sports shoes
3) Gloves

Total Damage: RM60 (entrance fee) + RM5.00 (locker fee) - excluding the amount of drinks and food I took.
Freakout Level: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Price: 4/5
Recommended?: Absolutely


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