Mods Cafe, Melaka

My brother who is working as a doctor in Melaka always have been whining about there is no place in Melaka that serve a drinkable coffee. Even my uncles who lived in Melaka said the same too. So this time, I brought one of my uncle to a cafe called Mods Cafe. 
This is their coffee making station with an antique cash counter. There is a list of coffee beans which they will written down on the board so you will know what they are serving.
They used to sell their coffee using this mini van by the roadside. The location can be anywhere and it is not fixed since it is mobile. Due to certain restriction, they decided to get a shop to settle down.
After that, the ladyboss who is from China started her creativity to make handmade cakes such as Cheese Cake and Tiramisu.
This is the mini van which used to travel around Melaka to sell fresh made coffee but now they are settling themselves in a infamous road at Jalan Tukang Emas. Hardly people will notice their shop even I went pass through it a few times before I spotted them. It is the same row with the famous Buddhist Temple, Xiang Lin Si Temple. 
That's a cuter version of their signature vehicle.
Just for display. They are not making their coffee from this antique coffee maker. 
They have a lot of antique stuffs in the cafe which are only for decorations but the machines that are used to produce a delicious cup of coffee are the advanced technology.
One person one cup of coffee...that is the minimum quota for you to take picture around his cafe.
Just a little something here which is sold as souvenirs.
However, these are not. Just for your eyes only.
You don't see Starbucks has their own coffee roaster in their cafe but at Mods Cafe, they do. That's why their coffee is made 100% fresh and authentic.
At last, let me introduce to you the owner who is local had this crazy idea in bringing great coffee to the people in Melaka who started to lose hope with their local coffees. 
He is now making a Double Espresso for my uncle. If you do not find their coffee thick enough, you can always ask for additional shot at RM3.00/shot.
He got all he needs to make more than 30 types of different drinks in his cafe. Not going to lose to the amount you see at Starbucks. From hot, iced, blended and to ice cream. He got it all!
Double Espresso @RM9.00 - Superbly thick but the fresh coffee aroma will definitely make you drink. My uncle loves it. 
Caffe Latte @RM10.00 - This is for people who does not like strong caffeine in their coffee. It is well made and I prefer this rather than espresso. Too strong for me.
If you still find your drink is too strong, you can find your preferred syrups to reduce it.
Espresso Affogato @RM13.00 - Sorry, the ice cream melts too fast in the hot espresso. Sweet ice cream with bitter coffee, the combination seems does not match but somehow my taste bud able to approve them. Maybe it is suitable for someone who loves the thick coffee aroma taste will love this. 
Tiramisu @RM16.00 - Ladies and gentleman, let me present to you the best Tiramisu in Melaka is found!!! The rum taste is so delicious, combining with the soft cakes and the fragrance of coffee powder. Surprisingly, she can made an Italian standard of Tiramisu. The price a little too expensive though. 
This is the shop and it is too small to notice. Furthermore, this row of shops are selling more for Chinese prayers stuffs and other non-tourist type of shops. Easily neglecting this wonderful cafe.
I just do not understand why they do not want to open up their door wider. The entrance is so small and people might thought they are not open for business yet. Well, there is a sign to say it all though.
Overall, this is a good place to drop by for a cup of authentic coffee. Their price is the same which you usually see at  Starbucks but the quality of the coffee is definitely better. You will never regret and forget once you are here.
Total Damage: RM48.00
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Recommended?: Yes

Mods Cafe
14, Jalan Tukang Emas,
75200 Melaka
Tel: 0127564441
Business Hours: 10.00am - 6.00pm (Wedenesday off)

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