Water Tubing @Sungai Geroh, Gopeng

After Waterfall Abseiling adventure, now is Water Tubing Time! Wee~~~ It cost you only RM50.00/pax only which includes tea break. At first you will be taken to their lodging location. This place will be where you geared up and change your clothes later on. Oh yes, you will definitely wet from top to bottom. You can choose a single tube or a double tube if you are coming here with more than one person.
This is the Sungai Geroh, fresh water from Cameron Highlands. Our starting point is at Riverbug Asia lodging area which will take at least 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete about 6 km riding with the tube.
Basically you just sit on the tube and control it with your pedal to avoid 360 degrees turning. If you are expert, you can row with your hands like my instructor did.
Looks easy but it is not especially when you cannot control your own tube. A double tube will be easier to navigate and the possibility for you to keep on making 360 degrees will be lesser. However, riding on a double tube is not fun than single tube because you will not enjoy the rapid water.
Crushing on to rocks is something expected but just try to avoid it from "massaging" your ass. Ouch, that's really painful!
If you have more members in your group, you will be expected to crush each other like playing a bumper car. That's another fun!
The instructor will guide you where you should be heading so you will be enjoying crazy drop like this. There is a possibility of you to fall off from your tube! Do not panic! Just stay calm and you will find yourself in a calmer water. Do not attempt to save your tube or pedal if you can't reach them. There are instructors to help you with that.
The fun is endless and I do not mind to go through it over and over again. It is just RM50/pax. Worth it!
You will have a break in the middle of the session and you can have your own sweet swim but don't swim against the rapid! Water bottle is provided.
I really had a great fun but if to compare with White Water Rafting, I will say this is more a single effort while the rafting is about teamwork. Once you done, there is a pickup truck to take you all back to the starting point. You can change your clothes there or even taking a bath.
Package includes:
1) Land Transfer
2) Water bottles
3) Tea Break
4) Equipment Rental

Things to wear:
1) Sports wear
2) Short pants
3) Sports shoes.

Things to bring:
Another set of clothes and shoes

Total Damage: RM50.00
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Freakout Level: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes

Riverbug Asia
19-C, 1st Floor
Jalan Kg. Rawa
31600 Gopeng
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +6 012 313 1006


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