Omakase Lunch @Sushi Hinata

This is my first ever Omakase Lunch in a Japanese Restaurant. This is the branch of the famous Sushi Hinata at Nagoya Nishiki. Using the same name, they opened another branch at St. Mary Residences. All their seafood is freshly import air-flown either on Tuesday or Friday. Even their chefs are import from Japan too. 
This is the imported chef, Mr. Oritsuki Hideaki who is just around for 4 months but he has already successfully build a 20 long years in becoming a Japanese chef. He prefers to be addressed as Oritsuki-san. Oh, by the way..."Omakase" means leave it to him in English which means you are letting him to come out with any types of sushi or shashimi to surprise you. Of course, you can request for anything special you wish to try.
They claimed that the best wasabi is made from "True wife Japanese horseradish" from Shizuoka which is known as a leading district that produce horseradish. It has sweetness in it to become a companion to taste together with the sushi.
That's the wasabi and next to it is their homemade Gary. Their homemade Gary requires 10 full days to complete by using dark-colored vinegar which is to make your mouth feel refresh in the interval of sushi. It works! Do take one slice when every time you finished a sushi.
This is served as a welcoming starter. Charges for Omakase lunch is starts from RM200/pax while for their dinner will be from RM300/pax. 
Oritsuki-san is showing off his knife skill. It is fun to sit by the sushi bar and watching the chef's master skills and making all the food with extreme detail and in order.
Normally, they will just serve anything within RM200. When you started your special request, that is the time the price will be increased.
Their sashimi without a doubt is truly fresh and sweet since you are paying so much for it. So you definitely going to enjoy. If you are a person who loves sashimi more than sushi, you better let them know because they mostly will serve sushi for you.
This is their house specialty which they only serve in a limited time period. In another words, while stock last. It is made of thick fish roe sandwiching a piece of seaweed. It is really crunchy and delicious.
Basically I will just introduce with all the pictures which is served to me. You maybe served with different sushi too. So it is really depends on the chef and which chef is serving you on that day.
One thing is surely common is a set of tempura, a chawanmushi fish roe and a dessert.

This is my special order for the sea urchin. It is really delicious! I am not regret for ordering it even they will have to add another RM50/pax which means my total Omakase goes up to RM250/pax.
I still not had enough so I decided to add on another salmon sashimi which cost me another RM50.00++. Expensive but the salmon is really delicious.
Finally, a mochi with green tea ice cream to complete my Omakase meal. Perfect! There are nothing from the above that I dislike. Everything is so perfect for me. Truly genuine sushi and shashimi.
Overall, this restaurant is expensive but without a doubt is their quality is top-notch! They have set lunch too but it does not come in cheap as well. Well, I still highly recommend this place for special occasion but certainly not something every week or every month. In my opinion, their RM2/pax for the green tea should be waived since their food already so expensive. If you are asking me for other "Omakase" alternative than this one, certainly yes. Kame Sushi! Stay tuned for my upcoming post on this restaurant.
Total Damage: RM609.00
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 1/5
Taste: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Will I Revisit?: No

Sushi Hinata
A-0-1, GF, St. Mary Residences,
1, Jalan Tengah
50450 KL
Tel: 03-20221349
Business Hours:
12.00pm - 3.00pm (lunch), Tuesday - Saturday
6.00pm - 11.00pm (dinner), Tuesday - Sunday
(Monday off)

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