Koh Tao & Chumporn Pinnacle Diving Trip

After my last experience at Krabi, I told myself that I will never opt for a ferry boat for diving because it makes me so seasick with the great waves and smelly diesel. So this time I am opting for a speed boat no matter how expensive it is.
This is a diving trip to Koh Tao & Chumporn Pinnacle in 2 different days. Both priced the same at 4900 baht/person for 2 dives only. Very expensive indeed. The price is inclusive of hotel transfer, diving equipment rental, lunch and drinks
Off we go leaving Koh Samui to Koh Tao also known as turtle island which located at the north of Koh Samui.
Everyone is pretty relax while I am preparing to sleep since the boat ride is going to take almost 2 hours. They are so surprised to see me sleeping. I wonder why? Why can't I sleep???
They do all the preparation and gear changing stuffs...I feel good that I do not need to do that job after paying so much
Down we go and this site name is called White Rock. White Rock is one of the diving site at Koh Tao.
There are big sharks, octopus, spider and monitor lizard like this down there. But do not worry because they are all made of stones.
I like to see Longfin Bannerfish because they really like a couple in the sea. Envy them so much!
Arghh...I see food...
Don't think I can't see you, you stupid crocodile fish!
No no...this fish is not dead...
Very small and I really wonder how my dive master can see them. I would have missed it!
This White Eyed Moray Eel really looks like a snake...
It is nice to see fishes swim in a pack like this.
A Porcupine fish! Why can't you blow up? I wanna see you in rounded shape!!
Wow, they swim like friends!
Talking about Longfin Bannerfish as a sweet couple. These Blue Ringed Angelfish are not going to lose to them as well. You will see these 2 types of fishes are always swimming together in a couple. Very lovely.
Blue Spotted Stingray is spotted!!! Let's make a Portuguese Grill with it! 
Oh, don't mess with Titan Triggerfish especially during their mating season.
This is a Christmas Tree under the water. They are very beautiful but shy. They will hide themselves once you are near them.
They are in different colors too!
Oh boy, this poor Angelfish is alone...where is your partner? 
My dive master is trying to show a live seashell.
Finished about White Rock and this is the 2nd Day where we go to Chumporn Pinnacle. It is located at the North West of Koh Tao. So many divers here. This place is pretty crowded.
One thing about Chumporn Pinnacle is swimming through between the two pinnacles. That's amazing enough for me. Makes me wanted to opt for cave diving!
Aiks, is this the lost partner that I found earlier at the White Rock. Wow...that's quite far.
No nemo here but their cousins are.
This fish can feed for at least 5 persons!!!
Beware when holding on to corals because you might hold to a wrong one like this. The scorpion fish or known as stone fish for some. Their sting can make you paralyzed and immediate medical attention is required.
Stay tuned for my Sail Rock Trip which is located between Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

Freakout Level: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes for Koh Tao but No for Chumporn Pinnacle


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