Floating Market Cycle Tour, Bangkok (Part II)

Continued from previous Floating Market Cycle Tour, Bangkok (Part I)...Our journey resumed with a push even deeper into idyllic countryside and surrounding fruit orchids, and my thoughts took on a contemplative edge as I - an ardent city dweller - got drawn into the simplicity of the natural world around me.
Next we were brought to their coconut factory to see how the locals process the coconut using man labor instead of a machine. Coconut is very essential in Thai food so the demand is very high.
Look at this sharp knife which is used to remove the husk from a coconut.
A worker is showing us how he remove the husk using that blade. We were told that inexperience worker may remove the skin on their hand with that blade. So it is very dangerous. Please do not try it at home.
Another layer of husking process but this time will be much easier.
Final shaving and break the coconut into half to remove any water in it. The coconut meat is all they wanted. 100% man labor.
That dog really knows where to find a good bed.
Sometime later we arrived at Barn Kung, an old 17th century army garrison where Thai soldiers resisted the invading Burmese during the short reign of King Taksin.
These are the stances for self defense against an opponent with a weapon in hand.
Well these are all the stances for famous Thai Boxing or known as Muay Thai.
We free-wheeled into the grounds of Wat Bang Khae Noi, a finely crafted temple famed for its elaborate murals carved intricately in teak. Inside, the tour guide explained how each one relates to the story of Buddha.
The level of detail is staggering. I cannot imagine how much effort is put for these. Do not mention about the time spent.
Let's pray and do not care what religion you are, after all God does not racist like human does.
A closer look on the craftsmanship. It is an awesome job. 
All too soon we came to the final destination with calves a little stiff, buttocks slightly sore, it was clear nonetheless that the trip had captivated us all. Everyone seemed pleased we'd had a glimpse into day-to-day life here and learned more about its rich past than your average two-legged tourist. On top of that we'd also burnt off a few calories and been charmed by the service - greeting us at every pit-stop had been cold drinks, fresh fruit and the friendly, effortless know-how of our Spice Roads guides. On the way back to Bangkok everyone was shattered, too tired even to speak. However, I'm certain we were all thinking the same thing: "where shall we peddle next?"

The tour is ended about 2.00pm and we reached our respective hotel at 5.00pm. These tour is inclusive of:
1) Transportation from/to hotel
2) Local tour guide fee
3) Any admission fee required in the programme
4) Bike and helmet rental fee
5) Water, soft drinks, fruits and lunch
6) Boat Trip
7) Accident Insurance
8) Water bottle

All the above is just cost you 2,650 baht/pax. Not really cheap but it is worth it.

Total Damage: 5300 baht
Service: 5/5
Freakout Level: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes


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