Bangkok Balcony @Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

This shot is taken from 81st floor at Baiyoke Sky Hotel. This is the tallest hotel in Thailand and this is where I stayed throughout my trip at Bangkok. The room price is not expensive at all. It starts from about RM120/night if you making the booking through Agoda.
I booked a seat at this restaurant online which requires deposit but my recommendation to you is not to do so unless the date you chose are hot dates especially like Valentines Day. You may book the seat once you have check in the hotel.
It is a buffet style restaurant which is charged by per head. You can choose either to dine indoor or at the balcony. Charges are different which are 1250 baht/pax (balcony) and 890 baht/pax (indoor). If you dine indoor, you are not allowed to go to the balcony to take photo or whatever it is. The price of dining at the balcony is inclusive of a glass of white wine or red wine per person.
This is one of the four balconies. There are about 8 seats in each balcony. Can consider as very limited. There are live band walking around to sing songs for you. They may request tips from you, you may say "No, thank you!" to them if you do not wish to give them any tips.
Even though it is a buffet style but the different of this buffet style is you just need to sit and order what you want from the menu and they will bring it over to you. It is like an ala-carte buffet style but slightly different because if you insist to take your own food, you are allowed to do so.
They have a wide range of buffet line for you to select from. Not all taste very good but with such ambiance, any food will become delicious eventually.
You will be served like King and Queen here and the service are served with smile. I like the hospitality given by the Thai. Very friendly and warm. In Malaysia, you may pay hundred of ringgit for a meal but you won't even get a smile from them but they are not rude to you either. The worst I have seen is China, you foot more than a thousand of Chinese Yuan in a restaurant, they can scold you at the same time too! Pretty ridiculous! So I really love Thailand.
Not all the food will be display on their buffet line. This lobster soup can be order separately from their menu. No extra charges for doing that. This soup is very delicious and I really like it very much
Waited for 30 minutes for this steak but it was not very well done. I prefer their fruits more. The fruits at Thailand are very sweet. my encounter. So I rather eat more fruits for good digestion after these buffet.
According to my friend, a lot of businessmen are trying to build a sky restaurant, sky bar or sky cafe. They compete each other with the height of the building. So please do not be surprised if you see more than one sky restaurant in Bangkok. As for the night view from the top, I still prefer the one I experience at 1-Altitude @Singapore. As for the food, I will say the price is a little too high for the food quality provided here. Well, you just have to pay for the view.
Total Damage: 2500 baht
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 3/5
Price: 2/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Recommended?: Only on special occasion

Bangkok Balcony
Baiyoke Sky Hotel
222 Soi Ratchaprarop 3, Rathaprarop Road, 
Ratchathewi, Bangkok Thailand 10400
Tel: +66(0) 2656-3000, 2656-3456
Business Hours: 5.30pm - 12.00pm (daily)

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