Magnum Cafe @Siam Center, Bangkok

Apart of Coke hit Thai's culture very effectively, Wall's ice cream has the same reputation as well in this nation. Especially their Magnum ice cream series. Now there is even a Magnum Cafe which not just serves ice cream but food too!
Line on the left is for the food and the line on the right is just for the magnum ice cream. This photo was taken at 11.30am on weekdays but already has this much of visitors lining up for it. I rather choose for the magnum ice cream only for a faster experience at this cafe.
Customize your own Magnum ice cream! Just for simple step and it will cost you starting from 80 baht. With this price you can get two Magnum ice cream from a 7-Eleven.
Once you have decided on how you want your Magnum ice cream to look like, pay at the cashier and bring the receipt to this ice cream making parlor.
My ice cream is in process. It is always begin with the delicious milk and dip in for the chocolate coat.
All the toppings are here for the final decoration.
So my ice cream will be put on a recycled paper plate. Pretty eco-friendly.
Here you go...this is my Magnum ice cream which cost me 80 baht. The popcorn toppings is stale so the whole ice cream taste terrible. I rather get my Magnum ice cream at 7-Eleven.
Total Damage: 80 baht
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Recommended?: Just once will do.

Magnum Cafe
Siam Center
1/F, Siam Center, 
Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok
Business Hours: 11.00am - 9.00pm (weekdays); 10.00am - 9.00pm (weekends)

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