Grill House, P.S Villa

Dining at Koh Samui is an headache because they do not come cheap and mostly the restaurants catered their menu for the tourist. Not real local food can be found here. Anyway, I still have to eat so I went to another part of the town which is at the east of Koh Samui. After few rounds of circling the town with my bike, I finally decided with this Grill House restaurant. I picked this place based on the number of patrons in the restaurant.
Ya, it may not look a lot but it is more than any other restaurants already at the street.
Grill baby shark? No thanks...
We have decided to order a package for 2 @1990 baht which consists of 1 lobster, 1 snapper, 4 tiger prawns, 2 calamari, 2 oysters, 2 crabs and one portion of clams & mussels. The serving is extremely slow because the chef is working hard to grill for every table.
This is a portion of clams and mussels. The mussels were still ok but the clams were fishy. Yucks!
2 Fresh Oysters...they are okay. It is still fresh somehow.
Here comes all the others. The lobster is good but the calamari is cold maybe left for too long. Others are acceptable. However, I do not fill like eating a grilled food because it is more like a cooked food. The most important of a grilled food is the charcoal taste. Too bad there are none taste that way. Maybe a little bit on the snapper.
These are others accompanied with the grill set for free.
I would say that we had made a real bad choice but what to do?? It is really hard to find good in a tourist town!
Total Damage: 2140 baht
Ambiance: 3/5
Taste: 2/5
Price: 2/5
Service: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Slow
Recommended?: No

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