Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Ratchaburi

Floating market in Thailand supposed to be a normal local market but now becomes tourist spot. One of the famous floating market at Bangkok is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It is located 2 hours 30 mins from Bangkok.
Tourists are prefer to do a "site visiting" rather than buying things.
Actually, it is not a very long market. I think it is only about 300 meters stretch with both side selling different kind of stuffs on their boat. But it is a very crowded river.
You will see more over here. These pictures are taken on top of the bridge.
We have fried banana on this boat. Wow...how come their fried banana is in white color? Kind of different than the one I had in Malaysia.
One is frying and another boat is helping her to sell. We call this leverage.
Other than that is handicraft. I can see the boat paddle passing by them very fast. There is hardly a time for them to pay more attention on their stuff. No choice but to avoid congestion. However, you still can ask the boatman to stop for a while for you to make purchase.
A lot of fruits here. You are always highly recommended to purchase their fruits because they are very sweet and delicious. However, except durian.
Even an old granny is there to help. Everyone here is holding either a camera or a video cam to shoot and record all the scene here instead of buying.
According to the local, when this place is not a tourist spot, the prices here are very reasonable. After tourist raided this place, all the prices hike up like nobody business. Haggling is a must with these people. 
Taking photo with a snake? I wonder how they want to stop their boat to take the photo with the snake. Curious and was waiting for so long but no one is there for this service.
Black or white. You have a choice. 
Eww...so big. I know now is the year of snake but I do not wish this cold thingy around my neck.
Taking a break and have a cup of coffee while watching at this busy market is an enjoyment as well. You can rent a boat here too. The price is ranged between 200 - 300 baht/hour (rowing boat) and 600 - 800/hour (motor boat). Why need a motor boat when you want to enjoy looking at these market?
These are the motor boat. Off we go riding on our boat to pass by their river village.
Looking at the locals working 
See a different type of houses along the road. I bet they are feeding mosquitoes everyday.
We have a car garage and they got a boat garage. Cool!
I highly recommend everyone to visit this floating market to experience the life of shopping on a boat. It is a cool experience which you will never forget.


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