Kedai Makanan Sin Kimdo, Taman Sentosa

Born in JB but has superbly little knowledge about JB especially about their food is really bothering me when every time I travel to this place. Luckily, this time I have Ms. Ting with me to take us to this very unique restaurant which is called Kedai Makanan Sin Kimdo. This is a BBQ and Seafood restaurant. They are selling BBQ food which are made in skewered stick.
Here are the series of choices for you to choose on.
There are a lot of choices but not all written with prices. So you are advised to ask the waiter or waitress for the exact price before ordering. 
You just pick the food you want to eat in a plate and they will do the BBQ for you. They have two BBQ station with thousands of skewers to BBQ everyday. Look at the basin at the side. I wonder if it is hygiene.
This is the BBQ chicken. Very interesting way to BBQ a chicken but very little chicken meat to eat. For your information, this is the only best BBQ for the day.
Here are some other BBQ food that we have ordered.
It is an average level of BBQ standard which does not really that delicious to leave me a good memories about it.
Another specialty about this restaurant is their Loh Shu Fun in a wok like this. Apart of the word "interesting" to present to this food, "delicious" is not really suitable for this food. Anyway, it is not bad to try at least once.
They also served seafood at the same time. This spicy lala is not really spicy at all and the lala not fresh at all.
Along this shop lots there are two restaurants serving the same type of food but this restaurant has the obvious bigger crowd. In my opinion, this is not a very impressive restaurant. Not really that great enough to become a must visit place. Seems like my JB food hunting still not yet get better.
Total Damage: RM90.00
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Recommended?: No

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