Restoran Capitol Satay, Melaka

I got lucky with the first few restaurants without a queue but not this one. This is the most famous satay celup in Melaka or even in Malaysia which is known as Restoran Capitol Satay. They are opened at 5.00pm and I was there at 6.00pm still failed to avoid the queue.
Only 11 tables in there so that's why the queue is built up so fast. Every each table easily will more than 30 minutes for their meal.
They insist in originality so this kind of board is just every corner of this restaurant. No intention to have a branch and do not have any intention to have more tables as well. Pretty rigid.
Displaying their prices and also the fame of the restaurant by having some famous celebrities to visit them.
Strictly no take away...okay understaood.
Not many choices in my opinion but I think it is enough for everyone to enjoy the original taste of their satay sauce.
That is the ingredient of their satay sauce. You can see them keep scooping and mixing the ingredients and carry them to each table to top up... this. FYI, one of the reason for them of being famous is they will change this satay pot every time a new customers sit in. They respect hygiene and making sure their customers are not eating something which is re-used. They will make the satay celup in front of you to proof to you that they did not reused the same pot from a previous customer.
This is another reason why it takes so much time and making the queue become longer. The satay sauce will required at least 10 minutes to be ready to eat.
Another reason for them to be this famous is their satay is mixed with the local famous gula melaka. Btw, the guy who is doing the mixing here is the owner of this restaurant.
These were what we took and for your information, if you cannot finished all of them, you can leave it on the tray. No extra charges will be imposed for not finishing the food you have taken.
Big Prawns (100gm) @RM7.00. This big prawns you need to order them separately and it is a must order! They serve fresh prawns.
Dig in! Enjoy the delicious satay celup. The sauce is really delicious and you can see them bursting up like lava all over the table. Some times it happens to be on your hands or even be careful.
Honestly, there is nothing special about the food they served except the big prawns. The reason for these queue is just to taste the delicious satay sauce only.
Total Damage: RM38.00
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Self-service.
Recommended?: Yes

Restoran Capitol Satay

41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 
75100 Malacca
Business Hours: 5.00pm - 1.00am (daily)

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