Esquire Kitchen, Sungei Wang Plaza

Lately, I feel weird to step into Sungei Wang Plaza for the first time in several year. I never like this place and this place always known with lack of good food choices. However, I have been forced by a friend to had a quick lunch with her at Equire Kitchen where she works nearby. I never like this restaurant because in my opinion they never had a lot of customers even in a crowded mall like Sungei Wang Plaza.

My prediction was spot on and here it goes. Note: Nothing are good here so you will only be reading my critics only.

Xiu Long Bao - In the menu is written that this is their signature dish which is using a super thin skin to wrap the pork. After the first bite, ewwww...the skin is so thick and I feel like eating flour or bread. The soup in it so little almost I do not realized there is a soup in it.
Old Cucumber Pork Rib Soup - Few pork ribs but that does not matter. The worst part is the soup is too salty! Can't they just make a less salty food?
Esquire Tofu - This is the best among all and they only have large portion for this. 
Soya Beancurd - The first bite and chew was quite okay for me but after a while I taste heavy charcoal taste in it. After few hours I have eaten this, I burp charcoal...ewwww~~~
Overall, avoid this restaurant at all cost. I wonder how do they survive still for so long with so few customers.

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