Boh Tea Estate, Ringlet

Apart of bee and strawberries, go through the same road of The Bee Farm for 10 minutes, you will find yourself at the Boh Tea Estate! Our famous local tea brand! Support our local brands!
Quite hard to find a parking here especially with my big 4WD car. Anyway, with the proper guide from a staff, I was able to get a nice parking space. Took us 8 minutes walk up the hill to see this beautiful scenery of the tea plantation farm.
Boh Tea does cover most of the area here. It is a wide area which is a pleasant sight to see.
A lot of photography session can do on this hilltop but my models are tired after that short 8 minutes climb. weak.
There they go quickly ran down to the bottom. What la...wait for me leh~~~
We thought wanna settle our lunch here but unfortunately they only serves tea and some sandwiches. Not really suitable for a lunch. Only for breakfast and tea time only. There are tea sold here so you may buy fresh tea which is just processed from the factory just right opposite of it.
There you are, the tea factory that I mentioned earlier. You can visit their tea factory with a guided tour. It is free but you have to line up like this. Photography inside the factory is allowed but restricted to personal use only. I wonder how they classified the word "personal use". Hmm...sharing in the Facebook consider personal?
Okay, our little girl here is really hungry after taking the lead to the hilltop and the first to reach the bottom just to satisfy us as an adult to experience the tea plantation. She has not eat since morning. Poor girl. Let's go and eat la~~~
Business Hours: 9.00am - 4.30pm (Monday off)


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