Healthy Strawberry Farm, Tanah Rata

Healthy Strawberry Farm is another fruit picking farm apart from The Bee Farm. Once again, we are out of luck. All the strawberries are either being pluck out or still not ready for plucking. In the end, we bought the strawberries instead which cost us RM30 when buying 2 boxes and get 1 box for free.
Apart of strawberries, they so sell fresh flowers in a pot. You can buy these flowers to bring back to put in your own garden.
I just wonder if our climate is suitable to plant them. It will be a waste if they are only look nice above here.
Well, just enjoy the rest of the flowers and cactus here.

Overall, I believe it is a good place to drop by here to but their fresh strawberries and see various kind of flowers which we hardly find them after we are going down the hill. About the fruit picking, it is seasonal. Really depends on luck when you are not in the right season to visit Cameron Highlands.
Healthy Strawberry Farm
Jalan Rumah Persekutuan
(Federal House)
39000 Tanah Rata
Cameron Highlands
Tel: 05-4911724


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