The Bee Farm, Ringlet

What are the activities in Cameron Highlands? Most of us already know the most famous activity is the strawberry fruit picking. So here I am at The Bee Farm where they are not only have fruit picking activities, they have bee farm for you to see too! 
Unfortunately their strawberry farm is pathetically cleaned out with hardly able to see any strawberries left. This is the only few that I can see. I bet they are sourish.
I rather watch a bee hive.
A lot of bees locked in a framed container like this. Pretty creepy. 
It is really amazing on how they make their bee hive. Only of shapes and sizes. I wish to see how they look like in the inside.
They do sell raw honey here which is pretty good for health and beauty. Highly recommended. Not really sure how much the charges of the strawberries here because there is no fruit for us to pick.
P.S: A little info about getting to Cameron Highlands. If you are from Penang, you may need up to 4 hours. If you are from KL, you may need up to 5 hours. The weather can be very cold when near end of the year during the raining season. An extra jacket will do just enough to keep you warm. Final note, the road are steep and narrow. Many road construction is ongoing there so please drive safely and have fun!

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