Suzuki Ramen Bar, Boat Quay

When already in Singapore I have to meet my Kluangmates who are working there. Unable to catch all of them but at least I able to Mr. Mak and Mr. Chin for a night at least. Lucky x1! Mr. Chin was not in the picture when he introduced me the great frog meat at G7 Sin Ma Live Seafood Restaurant. This time he introduced me a ramen shop instead which is known as Suzuki Ramen Bar which is located at Boat Quay.
Their menu...quite long huh? Can they make a normal A4 size menu so when I open it does not have to ended at the next table? Hahaha...
Not just giving free flow of drinks but free "flow" of eggs too! Do we use "free flow" for eggs? Free eat maybe? LOL
If really has to use "free eat", all these Japanese rice and salad are "free eat" too!
That's how I wish my salad to look like. Please notice the box at the right which is for you to throw your eggshell in it. Attentive...
Those free stuffs are for guest who purchased their ramen only. Different session different free stuffs...nice! Sorry that some of the ramen I am not sure the name and price. I only know those that I have ordered.
Mr. Mak ordered this and he said was not bad. 
They have a special limited edition of Dipped Ramen with Tonkatsu Soup and Fish Powder. It is exclusively served for 10 servings per day only. This is the wet noodle version. I was actually ordered a cold noodle version. Well, since they served this for me then I just continue with it. But after half-way eaten, a waiter came over to offer me to change this whole set. I kindly rejected his kind request but his insisted and telling me that not to worry because it will be a quick change. So I just let him change. I feel embarrassed to change the whole set because I have eaten half a bowl already. Well, since he insisted, let it be then. Lucky x2!
Dipped Ramen with Tonkatsu Soup and Fish Powder @S$17.20
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Overall: 3/5 - Really lucky that I able to try both noodle at one price. I will prefer a soup based because the dry noodle is quite dry. I still prefer a cold soba instead of cold ramen. As for the fish powder, I think it is quite unique to have because this is the first time I had it in a ramen. As for the 10 limited serving per day, it is still not very convincing. Can you believe it that I still can able to order it at 8.00pm? Not really convincing about the limitation. Marketing gimmick maybe?

Mr. Chin has ordered this which makes him waited for so long! But still without his beloved extra cha siew in it. Hmm...pity him. Not really a lot of customers but still they unable to produce an accurate order and faster service. Quite curious what were they doing back there.
Grilled Stingray Fillet with Mayonnaise and Seven Spices @S$10.00
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 3/5
Taste: 2/5
Price: 2/5
Overall: 2/5 - The stingray was cut into the thinnest possible size before it is grilled. You will have the feeling like chewing a dried squid. I prefer a dried squid rather than this because I still prefer my stingray in Unagi Kobanyaki style. Oh...I missed it so much!

This is a two-lot shops which still barely accommodate 10 tables but what I can see from this restaurant is they really able to capture salaryman's heart. Located in the Central Business District Area and offering so many free stuffs to make their lunch very worthwhile. According to Mr. Chin, it is always a norm to have a long queue over here during the lunch time. As for the service, I still believe that they still need to brush up more on it despite given me a free change over my dinner set due to their mistake.
Last but not least, thank you Mr. Mak for this meal! Lucky x3! Hahaha...

Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Recommended?: Yes but still I prefer Hokkaido Ramen Santouka... the best so far as of today.

Suzuki Ramen Bar
61 Circular Road, 
#01-01, Singapore
Business Hours: 11.30am - 3.00pm; 6.00pm - 10.00pm (closed on Sunday & PH)

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