Gogreen Segway Fun Ride @Sentosa

Segway is a personal transporter with self-balancing and electric transportation  device  to use patented  dynamic stabilization technology. I always wanted to try this eco friendly segway for a long long time especially when I saw our famous Jackie Chan riding this to promote Karpersky AntiVirus software.

 So here I am at Sentosa to experience this ride. As for a little fun start, all you have to do is to pay S$12 per pax for about 5-10 minutes ride depending on your speed. If you think too short for you, you can always opt for their Guided Eco Adventure which cost you S$38 per pax for 30 minutes by bringing you along Sentosa's beaches. However, I am more keen with their GoGreen After Dark which cost from S$78 per pax. Quite a spooky experience gonna be but for now let me get familiarize with this machine first. 
You will have a 1 minute briefing and training on how to balance yourself with it. Basically it is so simple, when you stand straight, the machine will stand straight itself too. If you slightly lean forward and it will start to move forward and same goes to backwards movements. As for turning right and left, just use the handle bar to guide you. Of course, as for stop, it has no brakes function but when you stand still, it will automatically slow down and stop. It is really fun!
Yup, just like me! Stand still and the machine will just do the same. I wish to bring this thing back home. But I understand that it is cost at least US$6,000 for the cheapest model. I can buy a cheapest car or even a cool bike with that price already. As for now, let me taste the fun of it will do. I will only think about purchasing it when I have too much money and don't know where to spend on.
Total Damage: S$24.00
Freakout Level: 2/5
Service: 4/5
Recommended?: No

Operating Hours: 10.00am - 9.30pm (for Fun Ride and Eco Guided Adventure)
9.30pm, 11.00pm and 12.30am (for Gogreen After Dark)


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