Clarke Quay, Singapore

I may not have find many real good food at Singapore but what I have to admit is their nightlife and night sceneries are truly awesome. You will never find such in Malaysia...even in Kuala Lumpur. One of my personal best night scenery is Clarke Quay. This picture taken from The Central where I able to see the whole Clarke Quay right opposite the mall.
When the mall lights are still on, it is the best time for photography and save your flash. The lights are on until 10.00pm only. A lot of people here will just sit by the river hanging out while looking at beautiful Clarke Quay and enjoying the scenery by the river.
In the morning, you can see the water is quite dirty. Luckily on that day, it does not immerse any unpleasant smell.
You will never get tired by the varieties of night life here. It is just so happening here. However, if you think spending your alcohol at the place like these are too costly for you. You can buy a dozen can of beer and sit on the bridge to drink with your friends or yourself. There are plenty of people doing this. You can see them sitting along the bridge. Sorry for no photos for that. As for this fountain, I find it weird to see some parents allowing their children to get themselves wet here. No water to bath at home?
Found a bar where you can go on stage and sing. The weird feeling for me is they show it live on their LCD in front of the bar for everyone to see including their singing voice too. Hmm...pretty embarrassing for me somehow.


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