Palawan Amphitheatre, Palawan Beach

Not really nothing over at Palawan Beach. At the very least, they have this Palawan Amphitheatre which is free for everyone! Finally, I see something which is free. My goodness~ All these while, I keep seeing admission fee at almost everywhere! All right, stop complaining and let's see some animal. They have 4 sessions in a day and we only have time to catch with the last session which is called "On the Wild Side".
It is a session we will see the most animals compare to other sessions. We started of this Red-butted Monkey. The trainer is trying to show how short her tail is.
While this monkey prefer to show how red her butt is.
Trying to show off some skill in plucking some coconuts.
Somehow, I do find this trainer is one of their kind. LOL
She is our MC for that session. She has been working real hard to get our super ice cold crowds' attention. So sorry, you really have to work much more harder.
Alright, next we have Macaw to show off her Mathematical skills.
This hawk fails to listen to them on the session. So they have to bring him back in.
So they have to replace with this hawk giving us a flying session where it flew right above our heads.
Even a white mice is in action!
Last and which must not be missing in any animal shows is the Phyton which is not poisonous but has the ability to swallow a cow. So a human is consider small size to them.
After the session, we got a close encounter with the python. Trying to capture it using my macro lens but don't dare enough to go any closer.
But for its skin, I can do it. Hahaha...It is quite cold skin even under the hot weather. Very nice skin this python has.
They have a Siberian Husky too! But he is a little camera shy. Oww~~~
Free, at Palawan Amphitheatre

Opening hours:
Daily shows run from 2.00pm till 5.30pm

Daily Programmes

2.00pm - 2.15pmLory Feeding at the Bird AviaryLive commentary on Lories at Bird Aviary
3.00pm - 3.30pmTeach us WildA close encounter with animals at Port of Lost Wonder
4.00pm - 4.15pmAnimal Friends of SentosaA close encounter learning and photo-opportunity
5.00pm - 5.30pmOn the Wild SideMulti-animal Encounters at Palawan Amphitheatre


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