Songs of the Sea, Sentosa

This will be my final post about Sentosa before everyone started to complain. Hahaha... Songs of the Sea is the best among all activities that I have gone through. This is the place I feel my money is well worth. They only have two sessions which is at 7.40pm and 8.40pm only. Yes, only at night and it is a 30 minutes show.
At first, I really do not know what this show is about because seeing a fat Chinese boy sang a Malay song
And Malay guy will sing a Chinese song. So I guess it is just telling us about unification of multi racial into one country which is Singapore.
After that, there is a boy who is called Lee who has a magical voice which able to bring fire, water, light and even smile! Hahaha... I believe the Lee they are referring to is Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. The father of Singapore who is still alive until today while seeing us changing 6 Prime Ministers after Singapore separated from Malaysia. 
That is the earth losing its fiery flame.
After he sang, great pyrotechnic of fire show presented to us.
Not real lava, it is just water with fire together with it. Very well done. I can feel the heat when everytime this thing displayed in front of us. By the way, I am sitting at the last row to feel that so I wonder for those sitting at the first row. How do they feel.
Very beautiful lighting effect! Those houses on the water are just props. Most likely to store the lights, water pump and the pyrotechnic set up.
Then the light goddess who gains her light back after hearing Lee's magical voice.
When you see this picture, don't you wish you were there?? People always said picture tells a million words but I can tell you that it is not happening here. You have to go and see it for yourself only you will understand how exciting it is.
This is the princess who lost her smile and she smiled again after Lee's song. Right after that, just sit back and enjoy the pyrotechnic non-stop performance for at least 5 minutes!
And here it began!
Endless fireworks firing up the dark sky.
I love this sight the most! Don't you agree too?
More just can't stop and I don't wish it stop too!
More flames and feel the heat from the flame.
Sparkling nights and the village seems like on fire.
Who cares...I just want to see more fireworks right before my eyes. Almost everyone who was seating there keep "Wow!" when every fireworks fired to the sky.
And that is the end...amazing and excited! I really like how it end my Sentosa trip! This is a must go!
Total Damage: S$24.00
Freakout: 2/5
Performance: 5/5 - but quite bored at the first 5 minutes
Recommended?: Yes and well worth your money.

Premium seat: $15/person
Standard seat: $12/person

Operating Hours:
7.40pm and 8.40pm (daily)
Additional show on 9.40pm on every Saturday


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