Palawan Beach, Sentosa

After Siloso Beach, I will introduce you Palawan Beach as well. Palawan beach is half the size of Siloso and the more dramatic difference is, over here is much more quiet and less happening like Siloso. It does not have their own "amusement park" here. 
Since it is not occupied by those "amusement parks", so over here has plenty of spaces for team building activities like this. They really do enjoy themseleves, don't they? Look so fun! Remember my youth somehow...haha
Some goes a little further and showing off their acrobatic skills by the beach. I know Singapore has a lot of famous Cheerleading teams. Watch it boys and girls! But whoever you are, well done! =)
Great space, less crowded and another plus points will be the water here is much cleaner somehow if compare with Siloso Beach. This s most likely it is covered by the tiny Palawan island which you can see across this beach.
Let's get across and see what do we have over there!
This bridge just fit for one person size and it is kind of shaky when reaching in the middle part of the bridge. That's the fun part, right?
Yes, here we are at Palawan Island. Such a small island which is also the southern most point of continental Asia. I wonder why they said this...I thought we have Indonesia which is apart of Asia located just below here?
Let's see what we can see through this binoculars which needs to pay.
Wow, a cargo ship. Yes, the ship dock is just nearby so they are such ships here. I am truly amazed with so many ships like this, the sea water by the beach can still be so clear. I mean not as clear as you compare with our islands in Malaysia. But at least it is better than Port Dickson or even Tanjung Bidara.
If you have a lot of money, you can get a speed boat like this too cruising around Singapore or got to nearby Indonesia Islands like Batam.
I do not wish to have my own speedboat. This yacht will just do find for me as well. Really cool to have a second home in there. Not as big as the Black Pearl at Pirates of the Caribbean but it is almost alike for me already. Oh by the way, all these photos obviously not view through from that paid binoculars. It is my telephoto lens that works these magic. Hehe...
Earlier pictures you will see there are two towers and this is one of the towers. While the one I am shooting from is another one.
This is a great view from the tower to the bridge. At Palawan Island here, there are small beaches too. Not really wide but if you think that the main Palawan beach is too crowded, here is the alternative.
This is half of the Palawan Beach and I spotted something...
Wow...dive by the beach? Hahaha...Can be that fun? I wonder...
DOGS!!! Ya, as I mentioned before in my Siloso beach post, dogs are allowed here no matter what size it is but they must be leashed at all times. It is cool to walk your dog by the beach. You will get a lot of attention by the dog lovers like me. Hehehe...
Wow...this dog is soaking wet. You just went for a swim is it?
This one too! Aren't they cute? They really got their own character. Haha...


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