Poparazzi, Port Dickson

The best of the water sports that you shouldn't miss is Poparazzi. It comes with a lot of shape but the excitement I can guarantee you is different at all. Poparazzi is the latest whereby it can play up to 3 pax for laying style. It is also has two style playing this which are standing and laying. However, standing position only can be played by 2 pax. There are some other names which are called Viper and Storm tubing. Both of them are to be played in sitting position. The only difference is Viper can be played up to 3 pax while Storm only can only for 2 pax.

This game is played by using a high speed motorboat pulling the rubber tube around the open sea. The most challenging position will be the standing position and follow by sitting position. If you are not really up to the challenge, you may choose a laying position because it is the lowest gravity among all positions. The price for riding it is at RM35/pax. 

This is the standing position.
Laying position.
Off we go!!! Yay!!!
This is so darn cool! But too bad it is for a short moment only because we purchased this activity in a package instead of individually. The staff said if we purchase individually will let us play longer. Seriously they are all $$$ minded. It is really making us feel so annoyed and spoiling our fun.
Total Damage: RM105.00
Freakout Level: 4/5
Service: 1/5
Recommended?: Yes!

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