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Pulau Sapi, Kota Kinabalu

Pulau Sapi is the nearest snorkelling site and diving site too. As you can see most of the tourists are here to enjoy their snorkelling experience. This island is the cheapest you can get for the snorkelling package. You may get as cheap as RM60-RM70 per pax. (depending the number of the pax in your group, depending to the season either peak or non-peak and of course your negotiation skill)
The jetty for the Pulau Sapi. Pulau Gaya has 3 large resorts on the island. It is one of the few islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park with accommodation on it. The other one is at Pulau Manukan which has only one resort. As for Pulau Sapi and Pulau Mamutik, there are only camping site which is cost RM10/night (not inclusive the tent rental). As for Pulau Sulug, there is nothing there. There were once a resort was built in the island. After some tough competition, they have closed down.
Boats are not allowed to park at this jetty. They only can be here to drop off their customers only. The reason is because to avoid some divers accidentally bump on to the boat when they are going up.
Lesson on diving is held here as well as most of the dive center here does not have their own swimming pool.
It is my turn to dive. My dive package is RM250 for 3 dives session which inclusive food and boat transfer. Pretty reasonable but of course you can find others offering RM200 for 3 dives. However, I really prefer to pay more for a better service by Diverse Borneo.
Aaron, my dive master for the day.
Scorpion fish. very hard to be seen when this fish trying to blend in their colors with the existing colorful coral reefs.
Anemone, a common fish to be found by divers but for snorkellers, they will be happy enough for able to see this fish at their depth.
Aaron suddenly grab a HUGE sea cucumber.
What is he trying to show us?
Very tiny lobster under the sea cucumber. Can you see??
I am currently at 21 meters deep.
Lion Fish showing its back. Very hard to get it to look at my camera.
Clown fish is always the easiest to get them to look at the camera without being told.
Spiky coral bed...wondering what is it feel like when I sleeping on it.
What is that like sucking something from the coral?
Is another type of sea cucumber.
My dive sites report at Pulau Sapi:

Dive Site 1: Clement Reef - What you see in this post are all taken at the Clement Reef site.

Dive Site 2: Agil's Reef - Visibility is the worst among all with sandy bottom around you. However, you will see more sea creatures unlike the experience I had at Kuching.

Dive Site 3: Sapi Island - Better than Agil's Reef in term of visibility but is a pretty boring dive site because nothing special to see here

Dive Site 4: Eel Garden - Nope, if you were asking me if I saw a lot of Eel here. Not a single Eel. Boring but while we ascending, we got a "sucking" fish on to our tanks and fins. Pretty annoying but funny.

Dive Site 5: Padang Point - Diving under a man-made platform and enjoying large school of fishes around you. They are like a cloud under the sea. Very amazing scenery. I love to chase them when the disband themselves and regroup after that.

Dive Site 6: Coral Garden - The only highlight is I spotted a large Eel but what after that is a boring dive.

Overall: I find Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is an economy diving site by providing very cheap diving course! However, do not expect extremely beautiful underwater scenery. Just dive to increase your diving experience and get on hold of your buoyancy is the key.

Total Damage: RM500.00
Freakout Level: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Recommended?: Yes

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