The Grand Old Lady @Canada Hill

One of the famous attraction at Miri is the Grand Old Lady which is located at the Canada Hill. If you trying to search the Google map or Google search about Canada Hill, you might getting the real hill at Canada instead of this one. So basically, the Canada Hill is known by the local but actually it is not known nationwide. To find about this place, you are advised to search the Grand Old Lady instead.
This place is the first Oil Well spudded in 10th August 1910 which is also my birthday too...of course not inclusive the year...hahaha...
Overview over the Grand Old Lady. This hill is just in front of Miri City and you will just need a 10mins drive to the top. The road is narrow but it is still acceptable to drive since the road to the top is so short.
To know about the history of this well and how oil is found in detail, there is a Petroleum Museum here. It is a free admission and the operating hours can be found at the end of this post.
Here is some illustration in stone craving to the wall on how the oil and gas technology is developed. Written: 1964 Single Buoy Mooring
Written: 1988 Horizontal Well Drilling ( Erb West)
Written: 1997 Float Over Method in Platform Installation
Written: 2001 Smart Well (Kinabalu Platform)
This shown how oil and gas has brought the massive prosperity in Miri development.
Location of other oil well in Malaysia.
The most traditional way to drill the well to retrieve oil from our mother earth.
They still maintain the old structure well by repainting and reconstructed.
A pump is introduced after that instead of using manual drill.
As I said before, this hill is just in front of the Miri city so basically you will see the whole Miri city from its peak. This is so amazing as if the Grand Old Lady is watching how the Miri town is developed into through her "effort" day by day. 
Day time might not able to see the real beauty in this city so below picture will show you how Miri town looks like during at night.
Gorgeous eh? Not bad for a small town like Miri to have a scenery like this. As you can see the most right of the tall building is the Meritz Hotel where I stayed in and it is nearly built with a restaurant which can view the Grand Old Lady.
The city is so bright but too bad that the Grand Old Lady is not visible at night because over here at the top is too dark. The brightest will be the Hazard Bistro which is opened next to the Museum Petronas for tourist to drink all night long. I really hope the government can do something on lighting up the Grand Old Lady at night.
Not much things to do here at the Grand Old Lady. Mostly you will need at most 30 minutes to go through all the things here. If you are in the rush or having some other more exciting activities, you may choose to skip this. However, it is not bad to know some history of Miri.
Museum Petroleum Operating Hours:

Tuesday - Sunday: 9.00am - 5.00pm (Last Entry: 4.30pm)
Friday: 9.00am - 12.00pm (12.00pm - 2.00pm closed); 2.00pm - 5.00pm (Last Entry: 4.30pm)
Monday: Closed

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