Lambir Hills National Park, Miri

The nearest national park to Miri Town is Lambir Hills National Park. It is about 45 minutes drive away using the Bintulu - Miri road. The road condition is not that good as there are ongoing road construction and lorries are everywhere to stretch your travelling time to the destination longer.
The entrance fee is RM10/pax and here are the house rules that you are advised to be strictly following it.
There are 6 waterfalls, 2 hilltops, 1 oil well and 1 tree top to explore. It can easily take the whole day to travel all the places.
It is opened at 8.00am in the morning and ended by 4.30pm. However, you are advised to leave the forest by 4.00pm.
I was there at 2.30pm and I was alone in this journey. This is the first time I am doing this alone because I was being "FFK" by someone whom I thought was a friend. Well, not to dwell in detail about it to spoil my posting here.
There are quite of a number of such bridges in this forest and you are advised to walk pass it at the maximum of 10 person at a time.
Since I am alone, it does not matter much to me so I can even jump around through this bridge.
A mini waterfall along the way to find my first destination.
After 15 minutes walk, I saw this sign stating the direction. Seems like the Latak Waterfall is the nearest while the others may require hours to reach.
Just another 5 minutes and here I am at the first waterfall. This is the nearest waterfall to visit.
No lifeguard available here so please swim at your own risk.
Not a very beautiful waterfall as you can see. You also can notice there is a rope restricting you from going further because that is the deeper part of the waterfall.
All I can see here are the foreigners who seems like enjoying the swallow water and sunbathing at the same time. Looks bored to me somehow.
Since I was so bored alone, so I am trying to use my macro lens to do a macro shot on a large ant. This is the best I can get. The ant is getting pissed of me already. I better let it go.
I left the waterfall with the wild thought of searching for a better looking waterfall. This is how the forest trail like.
The weather was actually extremely hot but this tall and big trees are your best umbrella to keep you cool. Basically you hardly can see any animals in this woods. Most of the mammals should be staying away from human already. Maybe you should keep a watch on the reptiles and you know which type I mean.
After 1 hour, all I can hear are the sound of the woods and the puffing sound made by me. Quite scary to me somehow when you are all alone when the time is almost 4.00pm. So I thought that I should give up my adventure thinking to explore the other waterfalls. So I headed back with a plan in mind that I will come back and will be here early to explore everything in this forest...and get a reliable partner along. This place is highly recommended to nature lovers.
Things to bring:
1) Hiking shoes
2) Walking stick (assist you in walking or self-defence)
3) Extra clothes if you are planning to swim in the waterfall.
4) Food for lunch and snacks to retain you energy
5) Lots of drinking water since you will be there for the whole day if you plan to explore everything in this jungle.

Total Damage: RM10.00
Ambiance: 4/5
Freakout Level: 4/5 (when alone)
Recommended?: Yes
Operating Hours: 8.00am - 4.30pm (daily)


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