Kinabalu National Park, Ranau

Since coming to Kota Kinabalu, Kinabalu National Park is a must visit location even you do not plan to climb. I also hope that our proud Mount Kinabalu can impressed my new Guilin friends. For your information, if you are from Kota Kinabalu, please use Tuaran - Ranau road instead of Penampang - Ranau road. I used twice of my journey time by using Penampang - Ranau road. It was a terrible mistake but not because of the mistake, I will not get this shot.
Here are the fees if you are asking. However, that day we did not pay anything because I do not see anyone in the entrance to collect our fee. So we just entered. Lucky us!
Welcome to Kinabalu National Park! 
Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints...keep it in mind!
More rules and regulations when you want to go for the climb.
A brief introduction about this park.
Since this location is at the higher ground, the temperature is just nice for a flower like this. Unfortunately, I was there late because took the wrong road as I have mentioned earlier so I did not managed to go to their flower garden to take more flowers and other exotic plants. I highly recommend to those who are into photography and does not want to take the climb to make a trip to this garden.
Let's take a group photo together with the Mount Kinabalu.
Night is crawling and the cloud is starting to cover the great mountain
We had not enough of this great mountain. We stopped beside the road while we going down from the hill to take more pictures of it. 
I am truly very glad that my fellow new friends from Guilin did not feel regret at all being here even though their hometown has more great mountains, lakes and rivers. I feel so proud to be a Malaysian...aren't you feel the same too?


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