Gua Niah (Part 1), Miri

The best attraction of Miri is the Niah Cave which is located inside the Niah National Park. The Niah Cave is so big enough to make me to separate into 2 parts. I thought to have 3 parts but I do not want to turn this excited place to a boring and draggy post.
You need to purchase their ticket entrance at RM10.00/pax before you go to their jetty to take the boat ride to cross the river.
Is there really a crocodile or they purposely scare you from swimming across the river.
This is the boat fee for crossing the river which is not included in the ticket entrance fee. It is charged by per trip. So a return trip you may need to pay at least RM2.00/pax.
Basically this is how wide is the river and they do not even want to build a bridge for it but having a boat collecting some extra incomes. I find it pretty pathetic.
What awaits you! Wow! I just can't wait!
2.8km to the first cave and yes, you need to walk for around 45 minutes to one hour. By the way, painted cave is closed for maintenance on building the new pavement for us to walk on it. It is really a disappointment because I do not see the sign of them will be finishing by anytime soon. Please do not be surprised if it is going to take until year 2014 to complete.
Let's start the journey through the Niah National Park. Do enjoy the greens around you!
Well built pavement to lead you to the cave. They have pavement built from the river until you are inside the caves. This is really well done and I have to admit. RM10.00 paying for their effort is worth it.
Here is an extra adventure for you to go through to the jungle to a smaller cave. Not recommended by the local because the road is tougher and the cave is not as spectacular than Niah cave itself.
So the journey continues...
Beauty of the nature around you.
The wooden pavement are really well built and maintained.
I was there at 8.00am so this is the place where the locals will be selling handicrafts and drinks. Expect their things to be very expensive. As you can see the road on the right, that's the road to the longhouse and that's where the local stays.
This stairs will lead you to the first cave which is called the Traders Cave.
I will end this post with this picture about the history of the cave archaeology. Please stay tune on my next post which will brings you more about inside Niah Cave.


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