Cafe Tomato & Restaurant, Kiulap

During the Ramadhan month, it is not just you lunch is affected but your dinner too. In Brunei, most of their restaurant has changed their ala-carte menu into a buffet menu to fit the needs of the Muslims citizen who are looking to end their fasting day with a glorious food.
Since we have no much choices, so we have to settle ourselves in one of the buffet. It cost us B$9.90/pax for the buffet.
Oh, by the way the restaurant that we went is called Cafe Tomato & Restaurant so that is why you can see so many tomatoes pictures on the wall.
Their bar. If you order a separate drinks from the bar will be in separate charges.
These are their buffet selection. Pretty dull and bored to me but my Japanese friend seems like contented with it. She is actually contented with every single things anyway. Hahaha...only I am a little picky especially towards food.
The best is their butter fish while others really a nightmare. So I really not recommend this restaurant.
Too bad...this is my last post about Brunei but I can't seem to get any delicious food from this country.
I doubt I will revisit this country again as there is really not much thing to do here. One day trip is more than enough, staying overnight is very unnecessary not because of the overly expensive hotels but there is also no nightlife in Brunei. 

However, if you travel by land from Sawarak to Sabah or vice versa, you have to pass by Brunei no matter what. So you are required for a passport. Pretty ridiculous for me when you see the our Sabah and Sarawak map where there are so much empty lands we can go through without passing by Brunei but seems like the government there can't even do a simple thing like this right. No train, no highway and now no direct land access between Sabah and Sarawak. It is already 2012, 55 years of independence day and nothing is been done to improve. It is really a sad thing and I am very pity the people in Sabah and Sarawak when their primary transport to travel between cities is airplane.

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