Pulau Mamutik, Kota Kinabalu

My new friend, Ilsa is going to meet me at Pulau Mamutik today. She is joining an island hoping tour to Pulau Mamutik + Pulau Sulug for RM150/pax. I am going there individually.
It is possible to got to any 5 islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park taking a boat taxi at a flat rate of RM25.00 + RM2.00 (jetty fee) for a return ticket. You can negotiate the price if you have more in the group. There are plenty of counters selling boat tickets to those islands. It is sort of like a scene you used to see at Puduraya. 
The most important thing you need to do is to check with the company on what time the boat is coming back to Jesselton Point. This is because you cannot go to any of the island with company A and go back with company B. The earliest ride to the island is at 10.00am.
The biggest island at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is Pulau Gaya which is right behind the fishing boat.
You will pass by the big Pulau Gaya first before you will see this Pulau Mamutik on the left.
And Pulau Manukan will be on your right.
Pulau Sulug will be revealed in the middle between Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Manukan.
The boat make a detour at Pulau Manukan first before heading to my desire location. Pulau Manukan is the most famous among the five islands because there are plenty of activities on this island. I will cover this island in my next year trip to Kota Kinabalu. Stay tuned.
The journey took me 30 minutes to arrive at Pulau Mamutik. It is the smallest island among the other five islands.
Lots of tourist roaming into each of the islands like this every single day.
Fishes to be seen when we dock at the jetty which really pleased the tourists but I am still okay with it since I am a submarine boy who can see better than these.
Welcome and let me show you some exciting notice around this island which I rather find it as amusing.
Some words of wisdom by our Mr. Fish here.
A life guard is stationed there to make sure you do not swim over the boundary which is designated for the snorkelers.
Yeah, jellyfishes are really a nuisance so you must keep an eye on them. They may spoil your entire trip. 
If you do not understand English, I hope the Chinese language and the Japanese language might help.
I am sure you can make out what facilities are offered here.
The public toilet is very well built but the tourists do not really take care of it. The toilet is really smelly. I think that both management and users should play their role in keeping the toilet clean for everyone's convenience.
The airport is just right in front of this island. This is the only island that has such a fantastic view of the airport.
This is the overall view of this amazing sea view. The water is quite clear despite thousands of tourists coming in and out of this island everyday.
There are some water sports like Paragliding and banana boat in this island. They are very expensive and I rather do it once in a lifetime rather than all the time.
There are something cheaper which is enjoying your time accompanying your precious little once playing sands using their creativity.
Normally people snorkels here and if you signed up for the island hopping package. The snorkeling equipment is included except fins.
As for me, I can choose to rent it in a nearby shop if I want to. Pulau Gaya has 3 large resorts on the island. It is one of the few islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park with accommodation on it. The other one is at Pulau Manukan which has only one resort. As for Pulau Sapi and Pulau Mamutik, there are only camping site which is cost RM10/night (not inclusive the tent rental). As for Pulau Sulug, there is nothing there. There were once a resort was built in the island. After some tough competition, they have closed down.
Other than that, you can do some Discover Scuba Diving activity. In my opinion, DSD is really waste of time and money. You paid so much but you only can go as deep as 6 meters. I rather snorkel with that kind of depth. So get an Open Water License and it is so cheap at Kota Kinabalu which is just around RM900.00 only!
Do not want to get wet, you can join the local for a football match.
Otherwise, hunting for some lovely shells.
Sunbathing is good too. There is a beach mat for rent at RM4.00 - RM5.00 only.
Or doing some reading is good as well. FYI, at this point of time, Maxis line is so bad and very unstable. Pulau Mamutik is still okay but other islands are worst. You cannot get a single 3G line at all. Celcom is the best.
Taking photos is something that everyone will do either you prepare to get wet or not.
It is fun to see how the posing by the beach and see how creative they can be. I, myself captured a few.
Nice one lady. That tree is really lucky. LOL
I wonder this Korean girl knew what was written on the board...
Ops...I am spotted capturing their pictures but they were enjoying it. Well...cool!
I, Ilsa and her friend chose to take a stroll around the island. Some hidden spots to get good pictures.
Absolutely not such a spot with lots of rubbish. I remembered Astro Kasih held an underwater cleaning program this April 2013 to pick up garbage underwater. I think they should start to do from the island first. This is not a good scene to see. Anyway, I already know that program is just pure commercial purpose.
Be careful when walking on the rocks because they are very slippery especially when they covered with a thick moss on it.Do not bare fit, wear slippers to reduce the slippery.
Otherwise, you will get wet like Ilsa here. HAHA.
Very interesting rocks in this island after been hit by the wave for so long to turned into this.
Two tones of colors...really amazing how the rocks has become.
Let's take a picture before turn back to where we are. No beach beyond there. Just pure forest and cliff.
I would not say this island is very clean but still able to produce a crystal like sea view, I think it is really worth it to be here.
To those signed up for the island hopping package, you can enjoy the buffet organized by your tour agency company.
Quite a lot of food to be chose from but the taste wise, not really impressive. You just eat to fill up your stomach.
Most of the snorkelers group will have buffet included. Sitting by the beach and enjoy your lunch is just a pure enjoyment.
As for me who is not signing up for anything, there is a restaurant here opens from 8.00am - 4.00pm. The food prices is not cheap but reasonable for tourists who already expecting to spend while travelling.
We had our fun and she continued her journey to Pulau Sulug after that. You can check out if there is any boat taxi to other island. You just have to pay another RM25.00/trip. No thanks, for me. I rather stay in this island for a little longer and take my scheduled boat back to Jesselton Point. The last boat back to Jesselton Point is 4.00pm. If you wish to stay until 5.00pm, do inquire with the company first if it is available for you to do so. Any time later than that, you can camp on the island for RM30.00 per night for the tent rental. No restaurant is opened after 4.00pm. So be prepared for your own food if you planned to overnight. 

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