Merlion Park, Singapore

Driving in Singapore is really a pain especially the traffic congestion, parking hunting and speed cameras alert which is seems like everywhere. As for parking, weekdays parking is like vampire sucking all your money out from your wallet when the clock keeps ticking. Not just parking but their ERP toll is sucking the money out of your Autopass card too. However, I have realized that the best days to travel to Singapore is on weekends and especially on Sunday. ERP toll is free on Sundays. Parking rate are cheaper on Sundays and there are places are free parking too. Not much cars and peoples on the street on Sundays. Sunday is just perfect day at Singapore! Of course, if you plan to eat their buffets, Sunday will be not a suitable day as it will be super expensive.

Anyway, today I just want to share one of the tourist attraction in Singapore which is the Merlion Park. I parked at Fullerton Hotel which has ample of parking spaces and it is only S$5.00/entry. The Fullerton Hotel is just located next to Merlion Park. It is an ideal place to park your car. After that, you can travel by river taxi to other tourist spots such as Marina Bay Sands, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay. Pretty convenient!

The view of the Marina Bay Sands together with the ArtScience Museum. A great and grand view by the river.
Just the Marina Bay Sands.
One of the things to do with the Merlion. 
Great view over the Singapore Flyers.
One of a majestic building which is newly built at the CBD area which is known as the Standard Chartered building. It is really grand and on the left tower is the service apartment which worth millions each.
All the tourists are here taking photos with the Merlion and the great buildings at CBD area. The Merlion is quite dirty which I think they should have clean it everyday.
I like this shot the most with great two bridges of Connaught Dr and Fullerton Rd right above us. 
An air show was going on over at the Singapore Flyers. Sadly, I did not bring my "sniper" lens out on that day.
What is written here: "The Merlion has stood as a symbol of Singapore as well as an icon of welcome to visitors since 1972. It was formally unveiled at this new vantage point on 15 September 2002 by Senior Minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew - Sculptor, Lim Nang Seng"
Alright, ready for our river taxi to another destination. If going by two pax, it is still worth it but if is more than that, I rather get a normal taxi.
I will end my post with a great view over the wonderful CBD District and with Merlion Park at the side.


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