Gunung Lambak, Kluang

When I said I am from Kluang, the next familiar question will be, "Where is the best place to go?" Most Kluang people will recommend climbing Gunung Lambak. Actually I am very reluctant to introduce this activity because I do not even enjoy this activity myself. The reason is not because it is a tiring activity but I feel quite embarrass with this place because the mountain does not have a nice view to awe about. Furthermore when I have been to Broga Hill and Bukit Paranoma which they are way better than this so called mountain.

Anyway, it is my hometown...I still got to share what is the best location in my hometown. :)

Sorry, the first photos already begin at the top of the mountain. The reason is the bottom of this mountain is really nothing for me to be very impressed about to share with you all. First is the karaoke facility which is so creepy when I heard those people singing when I am in the woods. Gosh! Please do not climb after 5.00pm. You do not want to hear the "shrieking" voice accompanying you alone in the woods. Second, the swimming pool facility is very dirty. No one is there to enforce strict rules by restricting all those patrons who is not wearing the right swimming attire.
The road is pretty slippery especially after rain. So be extra careful to avoid unwanted accident which might spoil your day.
Closer shot on the road to the top.
This is the view from the top. Factories...smokes...urghhh...what an unpleasant scenery.
The sky during the dawn. Can't even see the sunset because after rain.
I took 1 hour to complete the hiking which is 2 times longer than I used to be. I keep thinking of giving up because my stamina has been declined greatly after I have been asked by my personal trainer to focus on body building instead of cardio exercise. However my mind keep playing that my sister is working so hard back there for her final, I should have a good example for her by not giving up. I am so happy that I managed to succeed to the peak and complete my own record of not giving up halfway. Quite pleased with myself as I cannot forget how failure I am when I gave up during the final lap of my 5000m race. That will be my first and my last.

Freakout level: 3/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Will I Revisit?: No. Please don't invite me for this even though I live here.


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