Singapore Flyer, Raffles Avenue

After finishing our bad korean food, we continue our Singapore de Tour at Singapore Flyer which is located at Raffles Avenue. Singapore Flyers is something similar like our Malaysia's Eye On Malaysia but the only difference is you will feel Singapore's S$29.50 Ferris Wheel is more worth than our Malaysia's RM20.00 Ferris Wheel. This is because you will feel Eye On Malaysia is like a normal ride to see the Malacca City which you will be experiencing in a normal theme park since Malacca does not have many high rise buildings. However for Singapore Flyer, it will be a totally different experience. Read along and you will understand why.

Welcome to Singapore Flyer! S$29.50 (adults), S$20.95 (children) and S$23.60 (senior). You will get 10% discount if you purchase online for at least 30 minutes ride.
You will need to go through luggage and body inspection to avoid any unwanted incident to happen. Hehe...this is not the officer working there of course. She is a good friend of mine, Wei Ling. Say hi...don't frown and don't press the RED button!!!
You will not be lead to the Ferris Wheel immediately. You will be taken to their showcase which is called "Journey of Dreams". This is done by their projectors. Very very beautiful.
There are more...
Very interactively on telling you the history of Singapore Flyers. You will be experiencing building them too!!!
Using a torchlight alike to shine on the wall will give you a different picture of it. Very creative.
Wow...we are still not getting to the Ferris Wheel yet! Plenty more to see!
What is my dear friend here looking at?
Ohh...this was what she has been looking at. Some highlights location in Singapore. They can actually make it a very simple way by laminate printing each of this and stick on the wall which is our Malaysian way but look at their effort in making something simple like this to be exciting.
Displaying their creative arts using recycle items. I am totally stunned!
Fisheye view on Singapore! They just can't make things simpler. Hahaha...
Finally...we reached the Ferris Wheel. They have a private capsule for you to have your dinner!!! S$269.00 per couple and enjoying 4-course menu with 2 rotations which approximately 1 hour.
Up we go! Look at the joint of the Ferris Wheel. Truly amazing architect and engineering work.
That is the size of the capsule. Can easily fit 10 or more in one capsule. Very unlike Eye On Malaysia which can only accommodate 5-6 pax only.
The DNA Bridge. Amazingly build!
Marina Barrage. It is a dam built across the mouth of bay to create Singapore's first freshwater urban reservoir. 
The side view of the Marina Bay Sands.
Marina Bay Floating Platform. A football field beside the freshwater reservoir??? Wow!!!
Another amazing buildings about to be ready soon!!! Can't wait!
I am now lying on the Singapore's F1 Track!!! It is just located beside the Singapore Flyers.
Amazing! Truly amazing!!! Now you understand why it is just incomparable with Malaysia's Eye On Malaysia? I suggest you to ride it at night. A beautiful night scenery of Singapore will be presented to you. You will fall in love with this country eventually.
They have another package which is you can have a private capsule to enjoy champagne or cocktail prepared by their award-winning bartender which is cost S$69.00. They have package for corporate and family too. Do check their website for more info.

Total Damage: S$59.00
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Awesomeness: 5/5
Will I Revisit?: Yes

Singapore Flyer

Address: 30 Raffles Avenue Singapore 039803
Corporate Office address:
3 Temasek Avenue #27-03 Centennial Tower
Singapore 039190
For tickets: (+65) 6333 3311
Corporate Office: (+65) 6734 8829
Fax: (+65) 6339 9167
Open Daily: 8.00am - 10.00pm

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