Agro Technology Park, Jerudong

Spending in Brunei is really high especially they are sharing same exchange rate with Singapore. Therefore people will think that travelling in Brunei will be very costly. Honestly, apart of the trip in Kampung Ayer, there is not many places that you need to spend a lot of money on their tourist spots. Some are even for free! Agro Technology Park is one of the example of free entrance tourist spot.
Walking through the park’s main entrance, you will be greeted with a huge welcome sign on pillars, embellished with colourful flowers. You can choose to take in the scenery by taking a buggy or a bus, which are provided by the park, but the best way is to walk.
This park is really huge! It is officially opened on the last quarter of 2013 and I would really say everything is very well maintained even though it is free entrance. The Bruneian really taking good care of the surroundings and you will hardly see any litter around. What a good culture they have!
Heading towards the left from the entrance, you will walk through a wooden hut that is connected to a bridge, which gives you a perspective of the entire park in all its glory, with its manicured lawns and exquisitely sculpted plants. If you choose to take a right from the entrance, you’ll walk along a path peppered with outdoor tiles, and get a closer look at the varied greens planted on the sides.
They got a few huts like these. Some are opened air and some with roof. The view from the top is spectacular. You do not have to pre-book these hut. It is first come first serve basis. Amazingly these huts are still in great condition without any sign of vandalism or any uninteresting carving on the hut. Usually we do not appreciate free stuff but somehow it is different here. There are no security guards around but all the visitors are very well behaved.
This is the landscape view from one of the hut. I wish my camera can take a panorama view for you to understand how spectacularly this view is. The vast piece of land, greenish with some colors from beautiful blooming flowers which makes your mind and heart set free and peace.
The landscaping is very well designed and it is a perfect place for bridal photo shooting. I doubt any Malaysian will purposely fly to Brunei for that thou. They would prefer countries like Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan or Bali, Indonesia. My personal view is the other countries are having the same green color leaf like ours. People will never know you took those photos overseas unless you tell them.
Upon walking further, you will reach an enclosure for animals, such as deer, ostriches and birds. The space for these animals to roam around is really big. It is almost like a mini zoo here.
The Agro-Technology Park is a sight for sore eyes, and is the perfect place for friends and families to meet and engage in outdoor activities such as running or cycling, or simply to take in the beautiful atmosphere and fresh air. 
Since this park is so huge, Cycling here is definitely a good idea. You will see joggers and cyclists started to appear from 4.30pm onwards.
The park also has a non-season-sensitive greenhouse that features cacti, conifers and palm gardens, as well as a few species of orchids, vegetables, and some plants that cannot be grown in Brunei’s weather, but can thrive inside the greenhouse.
This is the main entrance. You can visit this greenhouse for free. However, they are only open from 9.00am - 6.30pm only. (Friday closed for prayers)
This is how the greenhouse looks like inside. It somehow reminds me of Cameron Highlands. With this greenhouse, they do not have to be built on a high ground to have these colorful flowers grown.
The flowers here are for sale. You can buy these fresh flowers at a very cheap price if you compare with a florist shop in their town.
There are too many beautiful flowers here so I just capture some of them for your reference. Hope you will enjoy them.
Orchid is always my favorite because they come with a lot of beautiful colors.
You do not have to visit here to buy flowers. This is a great place for your kids to learn more about flowers. It is a way better learning than reading books.
The Bruneian is enjoying their slow pace of life and very family oriented. That's what I am very envy about them. My trip here makes me learn a little more about the Bruneian true virtue in their culture. Truly respectful.
Total Damage: 0
Ambiance: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Recommended?: Yes
Business Hours: 9.00am - 6.00pm (closed on Friday from 12.00pm - 2.00pm)

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