Krabi Town, Krabi

Krabi Town is not a developing area but amazingly it is still a tourist spot. This is because of their old buildings and local foods. They have night market on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. From Ao Nang, you can take their local Tuk-Tuk for only 600฿ for a return trip or you can take the local bus which cost 100฿ per person.

Wow...this is an amazing traffic light for a town like this!
This is their largest mall which is called Vogue Mall. The size of the mall is even smaller than an Econsave Hypermarket. My goodness~~~
CIMB Thai.
This town got a lot of this advertisement cars like this. Announcing their latest promotion around the small town.
I so in love with Thai Noodles. Even it is so plain like this, it can be so delicious and cheap too! It just cost 20฿.
This is their raw vegetables to accompany with the noodles. 100% raw vegetables. I really not used to eat like this. A total experience to me.
Herbs are raw too! Hahaha...I really not used to it to eat like this.
Normal hawker stalls will always provide two cups of ice for you to free flow their drinking water.
Local desserts
This is the place to make the noodle. 4 types of different gravy for the noodles. Yellow curry, fish bone and etc.
Delicious fried chicken @20฿ per piece.
A salon with a weird name like this. Hahaha...
A lot of different types of satellite dish for you to choose from. Not like in Malaysia which is solely monopolized by Astro. 
Their Fasting Bazaar for Muslim locals who ending their fast on that day.
Dried foods for gift.
Thai's Satay @10฿. Very delicious and unique to me. I prefer this better than Yakitori.
You tiao in Thai Style @20฿.
Unbelievable to find the Muslim locals can eat pork. What you are looking inside one of the pot is Pork Knuckles.
Other foods after their fast ended.
Little clam clam!!! =)
Thai Durian selling @75฿. Not nice at all!!! I still prefer local durian especially from the durian stall I had at Soon Huat Durian Market.

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