Diving at Local Islands, Krabi

This can be consider my first diving trip after I have been certified as a diver. The diving spot is at the local islands of Krabi. There are a lot of islands and I am doing to dive at Koh Yowasam and Koh Yowabon. The diving fee will be at 1900฿ inclusive diving equipment rental for the whole day for 3 dives and lunch with soft drinks too!!! This is the cheapest rate that you can get...guarantee! This trip is only going to take half of your day. So you need to plan what you need to do after 1.00pm.

Here we go heading to the dive site which may takes up to 45 minutes for a Ferry Boat. Otherwise for a speedboat or a longtail boat will be 20 minutes.
That is the island. There are 5 islands. We are diving at 3 sites around 2 of the 5 islands.
A few kilometers away is the Chicken Island. It is called chicken because of the geographically look. As you can see on the right, you will see like a chicken head. If you get nearer, you will see a better angle of it.
This site is not just for the divers but for snorkelers too. However, the things we are about to see is no way will be seen by the snorkelers. Note: When you are in the sea especially for the snorkelers, you will have the experience being beaten by something. Do not worry. It is not a fish or a sea snake...hahaha...it is called sea lice which cannot be seen by our human eyes. Yes, it can be very annoying when you are enjoying the underwater sea view and you are feeling itchy and slight pain all over your exposed skin. This cannot be avoid. So just bear with it.
When I was taking photographs, there was a cheeky moment when a Clark's Anemone fish kept swimming in front of my camera lens. Shoo~~~ Shoo~~~
Eastern Anemone Clownfish a.k.a Nemo. There are a lot of them. So you will not really bother about them so much to compare when you are on the ground where you are excited to see them in the aquarium.
Lionfish - Very lazy and show off type of fish. Sorry snorkelers, you can't see this fish from the top unless you dive in with your snorkel.
Close shot on the lionfish.
Lionfish is already consider lazy. I think the laziest one is the Yellowtail Sea Horses. They are so relax and slowly swimming around like there is no predator looking for them.
Bamboo shark. Can't really capture a good shot on its head as he is sleeping under the rock.
Redtail Butterfish - Once again, you will see a lot of these so they are not really fascinate you. 
Turban Coral - Some great shots on the corals.
Table Coral - Wow!!! Really looks like a table. Seems like I can have my candle light dinner under the sea!
Beware of Sea Urchin! They will not chase after you so do not worry. Just don't touch them or step on them. You do not want their spikes to stuck into your skin right?
One thing what I love most about diving is I can know a lot of people around the globe. We all share the same "language" which is diving. Aren't that great!? That feeling to me is just freaking awesome!
Overall experience in this dive is below my expectations. As you can see from my photographs, all the color is not attractive. Not my camera problem. Not even my problem. It is the sea. Change of season has caused the sea plankton filling up the whole sea. During my this dive, I have to stick extremely close with my buddy because the visibility is too poor and you will lose your buddy without you noticing it and you will feel alone under the sea. Well, not something to be worried about. We are trained. Whenever, we can't find each other, we will have to ascend to the surface of the sea to look for each other. 

Another thing about this dive site is pretty destroyed by snorkelers and divers when they stepped or touch the corals. Corals are so fragile which even more fragile than a glass and corals are the home for fishes. Once we touch it, the coral will die and and fishes will lost their home to stay. So they will either migrate or die along the way. When they did that, we will have nothing to see anymore. So please...to everybody who is going to dive or snorkel, please be responsible with your action. You may just see or take photos only. Any other than that, please do not do it. You do not know what will you affect the ocean life by doing so.

Total Damage: 1900฿
Freakout Level: 3/5
Ambiance: 1/5
Price: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Will I Revisit?: No

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