Yati Ayam Percik, Kota Bahru

This was my second visit to Kota Bahru were my first one was at the age of 14. Yes, at the age of 14 I came here with my 3 other schoolmates which are at the same age without any adults accompanying us. Haha...it was a daring attempt to travel somewhere so far apart from our hometown just for our favorite teacher's birthday. I still remember her name which is called Cikgu Tuan Sharifah, a very pretty teacher with a heart of an angel. Sadly, she moved back to Kota Bahru after the marriage and we lost contact since Facebook was not introduced at that time and mobile phone is just too expensive for a person to possess. The greatest part of the attempt is I was travelling there without any consent from my parents. A so-called first big lie started when I was 14 years old. The reason I have to lie was because my parents are so skeptical when comes to safety and money. But my stubbornness just won't stop me from accomplishing it. However, the lie was exposed when I got back from Kota Bahru. So what happened after that I will just leave the room for your imagination. Hehe...

Almost another 14 years, I am here again for one of my beloved old schoolmates wedding which I have shared in my earlier post. Seems like I will only be here for a wedding. Hahaha...anyway, today i am going to share the most popular food at Kota Bahru which is called Nasi Kelabu which usually served with ayam percik

Yes, the place is called Yati Ayam Percik.
Look at the variety of food served here. Truly amazing!
Even I am not big fan for oily and heaty food but these really can break my norm.
What a huge pot of beef curry!
They have air-conditioner room provided for non-smokers.
Only drinks will be showed the price. As for the food, you need to ask the waiter.
Wow, fried chicken wing!
This is the ayam percik before barbecue.
This is a huge barbecue center for the ayam percik.
After barbecue, the ayam percik will be put on with their own special marinated sauce recipe.
What is this? This looks interesting. I have plenty of things wanted to try but I better leave this for some other time.
Laici Kang. I always thought Laici Kang has lychee in it. Who knows I have been making a mistake for so long.
Here is the Ayam Percik! Yummy!
Usually we seen the Nasi Kelabu is in blue color, but the owner said that is coloring. The original Nasi Kelabu should be white and the reason for the rice to be special is because the spices which comes along with it. Well, indeed the white rice is like the normal white rice but after mixing with the spices, it is like the normal Nasi Kelabu that we used to eat.
Fish crackers comes along with the rice! So yummy!
Roasted beef which is very well roasted. Seems like the black color over roasted part is essential to add the aromatic taste of it to roam inside your mouth.
Their ayam percik is so famous until it is available to buy a frozen ayam percik for take away. The restaurant is not very fancy enough to make you recognize them. If you are heading to the town area using Jalan Long Yunus, pay more attention to your right side where you will see a lot of cars parking there.

Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Will I Revisit?: Absolutely!

Yati Ayam Percik
Jalan Long Yunus,
15200 Kota Bahru
Tel: 09-7479 867
Business Hours: 12.00pm - 11.30pm (Saturday to Thursday)

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