Korean Stone BBQ Steamboat, Ampang

My buffet marathon in my latest visit to KL has gone from crazy to absolutely madness! If you follow my blog closely, I have been to 2 Japanese Buffet, 1 Chinese Dim Sum Buffet and now a so called Korean style buffet. This place is called Korean Stone BBQ Steamboat which located along Jalan Ampang. This road is very jam during dinner hours. If you came from far, this is not a place you wish to dine. You will be torturing yourself when seeing yourself stuck in the long traffic jam. Everyday voucher brought me here with thier link as follow:

Let's begin by picking up our raw food.
More raw foods
Drinks are not included in their buffet package. Charge separately @RM1.00 per pax but it is bottomless. Kinda stupid to me because I do not understand why don't they just add inside the buffer package cost. Oh ya...btw, their buffet is cost RM27.80 per pax.
Some cooked rice, noodles, porridge and shark fins. Hardly can taste the fins
Here is their desserts. Look at how dirty this is. You don't feel like picking up food from here don't you? However, when you are just paying RM13.90 per pax when using Everyday voucher for a buffet, you just can't complain.
Live frog for BBQ too. I saw how they slaughter them. I lost my appetite after that.
Big Clams. This one is nice. Take more!
Here are their livestock. Just a few fish to be picked and the crabs are the most popular ones. They finished very fast.
This is the so called Korean Stone. You put the food you wish to be grilled here.
This is their steamboat. They only got two soup choices for you which are Tom Yam and Clear Soup. It is a total insult if to compare with Restaurant Harbour Steamboat's Tom Yam soup.
I am showing off my grilling skills. Anyway, the lighting here are so bad. I can't even see my food is ready or not.
This is how our table is look like. Well, it is normal when we are eating steamboat right? I think I consider my table as the cleanliest.
They occupied the whole 2nd floor. Open air concept steamboat. Pretty good idea.
Cooking your own food is always a fun thing to do but to judge the food freshness, this restaurant no where near that unless you choose from their livestock counter. Parking here is ample. The service is very poor here. The waiter and waitress are not alert enough to check whether to refill the soup in your steamboat or not. Another thing very absurd is you must purchase their wet tissue either you are going to use it or not. Where got such thing, right? Nonsense!

Total Damage: RM35.60
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 2/5
Taste: 2/5
Price: 4/5
Will I Revisit?: No

Korea Stone BBQ Steamboat
33A-1, Jalan AWF1,
Ampang Waterfront,
68000 Ampang, Selangor.
Tel: 012-621 2323 (for reservation)
Business Hours:
Daily - 6pm to 12am


  1. i like this restaurant, though the steamboat soup not really nice.. but bbq part u can use ur own creativity~ guess what? i cook kangkung belacan at thr... mushroom needles~ and etc! i will revisit~

  2. Yes, that is the fun part about this restaurant. Really encourage big group to join here for a great gathering. Not a place for couple thou (in my opinion).


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