Wang Qing Sha

This is my last post on my Guangzhou trip. Amazingly, this restaurant is located just beside their vegetable field and a fish pond which the use to rear fresh water fish.
Roasted Pigeon is always the local's favorite food for all time. Way better than chicken for them.
Is finger licking good even for a kid like her. However in my opinion, it is a bit too salty.
Big large portion as always for their vegetable dish which is so sweet and you will know they just plucked it up on that day.
More vegetables! They really does not nice when cooking the vegetables. So big root which you might tought you will choke yourself with it.
I kinda hate lotus root after this meal. Not just salty but it is getting boring when their creativity are so limited.
Fish head sauce. Not much meat for a fish head but it taste pretty good.
Steamed chicken. They always will have the head and the ass on the plate. Looks kinda scary too me.
More greenies! I feel like a cow all of the sudden.
Layered Pork with Yam. Fat and high cholesterol plus salty. A best way to die faster for me.
All right...that's all for their food which I feel it is better to eat the food from the shop rather than the big restaurant which is overpriced and bad cooking skills. Anyway, let's have a group photos to wrap up my Guangzhou trip.

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