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文海饭店, Foshan

Foshan is the place where people learn kungfu from. More than 90% of their children living here either boys or girls will be sent to learn kungfu. Learning kungfu is not just for self-defense but also for health purpose. A person with kungfu traits will always have a better health than the one who doesn't.

However, I am not here to learn kungfu. I was brought here to eat their seafood and their wild meat. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before that, I am not so food adventurous in exotic animal's meat. Well, just to share with you about this place which is so big yet can be full house at all times which is called 文海饭店.

Tortoise Soup is good for health. Someone says though but I think is better to eat western medicine than this to cure.
Translate in English, this is called Water Fish. It is like a tortoise but they do not have a hard shell. Usually it is cooked like a normal meat to substitute chicken or duck.
Eel. Erm...this should be normal since it is apart of Japanese food which is known as Unagi. I do not know if this is the same or not.
Wild Hare. Among all meats, this is the meat that I will not eat even there is no longer food available in this world. Too cute to be eaten, aren't they? cute they are? I bet they already been eaten by now. Usually their ears will be fried like french fries and their meat will be cooked like a usual chicken meat or pork meat style.
Their crabs are so small! It is good if they cook it in soft shell crab.
Snake soup, anyone? at last I can see some slightly normal food.
Fresh oyster but I wonder if they still fresh when they all group like that without any proper habitat to live on.
I think I rather have fish which is the common meat that I would eat without mercy. LOL
I think I do not have to translate all the Chinese word here for you. Only one word can describe about them - "Cholesterol".
Steamed Prawn
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 2/5
Taste: 3/5
Overall: 2/5 - When taste a steamed prawn meat is sweet, that mean the prawn is fresh. So does this plate of dish. But I still prefer Butter Prawn.

Leek!!! leek please.
Oh my god! Suddenly I feel like I am a cow. The plate is so big for just four of us. I know the vegetables there are cheap but it is just not this way. It is making me losing my appetite. However, the vegetables really taste very sweet. Never had a sweet vegetables in Malaysia like this before.
Cholesterol!!! All I can see is fat and oil. So no no to me. I still want good health to eat more good food.
Here comes the common seafood that I love the most. Fish! And it is a steamed fish! Yummy!!!
This is the place and my 17mm lens just couldn't capture the whole place here because this place is real BIG!

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