Buggy Ride, Port Dickson

Our extreme ride continues with Double Sitter Buggy Ride. This ride is cost at RM20/pax for one lap only. Before we begin our ride, the staff has warned us about this buggy is extremely fast and powerful. Not just that but the steering is not a power steering which you easily can make a turn. What is the worst part is the brake is not in good condition.

The ladies still carry on with it without knowing what is coming to them after that. Yes, my sister hit a tree a second right after that. Luckily, she is not driving towards me after this photo being shot. I did not take any picture after they crashed because I was too panic with the condition of my two girls who is inside the car. Both of them were stunned but they are okay! Thank god!
Since it is not for ladies, so I will take the wheel. Let's go~
Can you feel the acceleration of the buggy? I am drifting the buggy instead of driving it.
Camera has freeze our movements but from our expression you can imagine that every turn is crazy because I really drifting!!! 
Since the ladies are not able to drive, so I took all the 3 laps.
Extremely exciting and challenging ride which my hand ended up with a blister because of controlling the hard steering. Anyway, let's take a photo for memories that we have accomplished one of the most dangerous ride.
My serious advice to those who wants to do this is do not try to race with this. You may only advice to drive it to get the feel of driving a buggy only. The safety procedure is extremely low because as you see in above pictures that we do not wear a helmet and not even a seat belt. You are almost bare naked when you are on the road. This is a very dangerous ride. The staff told us that last week there was a girl broke her arm after riding this buggy and no insurance is covered for that. Yes, I have to mention it again...no insurance is provided here.

Total Damage: RM60.00
Freakout Level: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Will I Revisit?: Yes, I am one of the crazies.

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