Diving at Pulau Redang

The dive site at Redang were Highway Reef site which was the most impressive site among the 3 dives I did and the others were Batu Chupak and Black Coral Garden. Black Coral Garden is the most boring among all. One thing about diving in Redang is the equipment is chargeable by daily usage no matter how many dives you are going to do one day. This kind of charges is very rigid and it is just benefit to the dive center. So in order to save the cost, first you either bring your own equipment or you make sure you fully utilize the equipment in one day by making 3 dives or more.
These are the dive sites in Redang Island. A total of 27 dive sites. It is really a lot for a 7km length and 6km width piece of land. 
Without further ado, let's dive! 
At Redang, do not expect some exotic fishes here. Most likely all the fishes you can see here is available at any part of dive sites in other local islands. 
What Redang island is different from the others for me is their crystal clear sea water and the amazing corals. The water is clear enough for the light to shine through to give such an amazing picture on the fishes. According to my experience, even Sipadan Island unable to provide such a clear water.
I can even get very close with Stingray for this shot. It is really a cool diving experience in Redang.
Not sure what it is and this is the first time I see a centipede like fish. My divemaster said it is a Squirrel Fish.
Nice excellent picture I got and only Redang can give me this kind of picture.
The color and contrast is exactly how I see under the water. Most of the time when I dived, the picture that I took is way different than what I saw.
Since I got this opportunity, let me bring you a closer look on the corals at Redang Island. Please enjoy the following pictures that I took in Macro mode.

Found a lizard fish in one of my close up photoshoot.
A little closer...
To those who has not dive will not know this amazing plants that are grow on the coral. It is called Christmas tree. Do check out my video below to see how amazing they are!

Nice clean and clear water will attracts school of fishes like this.
Water around Redang Island is strictly prohibited from fishing so you will enjoy these fishes living under water so freely and safely without the need to afraid of human.
Look at those amazing school of fishes. Everytime I saw them, I feel wanna swim with them.
Please enjoy my next video about me swimming with them.

It was almost a perfect diving trip I had in Redang Island until I was asked to join a group of amateur divers from China. Previously, I was together with foreigners from Singapore which is just 7 pax inclusive me and I am not sure why the owner transfer me to a 10 pax Chinese from Shezhuan. I got a feeling of biased treatment given by the owner towards their customers. As you can see from the picture above you will notice how inexperience they are.
In the end, I chose to ignore them and enjoy my own sweet time with my photography. 
I hope you all enjoy my picture too. Just remember not to choose Redang Kalong Resort for diving trip.
Below is my final video which is dedicated to anyone who is still considering diving is a dangerous activity. I can tell you one thing that it cannot be any safer.

Total Damage: RM80.00/boat dive, RM100/night dive (prices not inclusive equipment)
Freakout Level: 3/5
Service: 1/5
Price: 2/5
Recommended?: Do not choose The Diver's Den, Redang Kalong Resort but definitely must dive in Redang Island.

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