Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng, Seng Lee Cafe

In Penang, there is Indian fried mee has made a name for himself and there are known us Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng. They served authentic Indian style fried mee with their own unique style which you do not usually taste.
This is the stall which is one of the 4 stalls in Seng Lee Cafe. Mostly people visiting this cafe just for Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng. 
Most popular is their mee rebus. The gravy is fragrance and a little spicy but the highlights is the squid. That's what the chef claimed that not many other Indian fried mee will be generous enough to put squid. The price for having extra squid is RM5.00. For a normal mee rebus, the price is RM3.50.
This is a normal mee goreng which is cost at the same price. It is a bit dry but why they taste so good is because of their wok taste. Believe it or not, the wok taste magically will stay and last in your mouth for a certain period.
This is the kuey tiaw type which taste not that good. The yellow mee taste better. It is recommended to come and visit at least once but it is definitely not a place which you must try when everytime you visit Penang.
This is the Seng Lee Cafe which is located at the corner of the Bangkok Lane. There are 2 Chinese stalls and 2 Indian stalls here. There is another stall which is worth to mention about here at Seng Lee Cafe which is the Hokkien Mee.
Added a few pork ribs which cost you RM4.50. Not really cheap for a small bowl like this. As for the taste, it is undeniably delicious. The soup is thick and full of prawn taste in it.

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