Snorkeling at Pulau Lang Tengah, Sari Pacifica Resort Spa

Lang Tengah Island is located between Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. Usually tourist will choose to do island hopping on this island instead of staying here. So you will find this island is not as crowded compare with  Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. If you do not enjoy the crowd, this is the place you should not miss!
Same like Pulau Redang, they will only offer you a package which is inclusive boat snorkelling. As for me, I bought my stay from Groupon so it is only accommodation with no food and no boat transfer.
Looks familiar? If you happened to watch a Hong Kong movie called "Love You You" starring by the famous HK actress Angelababy, this is the primary shooting location. There are still props that are used by the movie left here even though that movie was produced in 2011.
To reach here, you need to take a speed boat from Merang Jetty. It cost RM80/pax/way. If you have more than 4 pax, the price is negotiable. If you are travelling from Pulau Redang like me, it is cost at RM50/pax/way. This is the jetty owned by Sari Pacifica Resort and I am staying in here for a night.
You can have a nice candle light dinner on this jetty. Special arrangement need to make in advance with the hotel.
The sandy white beach and clear blue water is as good as Pulau Redang too. The best part is it is a quiet and peaceful beach.
Sari Pacifica Resort is one of the high class resort in Lang Tengah Island. Basically there are not many resort on this island. First is the Sari Pacifica which is just newly opened this year while the others are Summer Bay Resort and D'coconut Lagoon. 
Since there are only 3 resorts on this island, the competition is not really great and the price is quite expensive and rigid.
They have a beach bar but not really happening. So in short, night life in Lang Tengah Island is quite boring. I would recommend you to go to Summer Bay Resort for some night activity such as karoake and dancing.
Sari Pacifica is more like a relaxing paradise.
Their resort room and bathroom are very high class. Their furniture looks like a second hand stuff but it looks exquisite somehow after a nice re-modification. 
This is their chalet which is very nicely done facing the sea view and garden view.
I spotted this interesting pineapple look alike fruit. Not sure what is this. Anyway, I will introduce what are the things to do on this island.
Since this is a relaxing island, spa is definitely is a must!
Gym, snorkelling trip and fishing trip are available for inquiry too.
Not so fancy with salt water, you can try their swimming pool too.
Need some water activities excitement? You can always try their Banana boat, Jet Ski and many more.
These are only available at Summer Bay Resort. For divers, Summer Bay Resort is the only choice here at Pulau Lang Tengah.
At this part of the beach, you will enjoy sunset. As for the sunrise, you need to jungle trekking through the Batu Kuching Trek which I will introduce to you after this post. 
Mixed with the locals for a volleyball friendly match.
You can play their board games at night but please aware that the mosquitoes on this island are fierce and merciless especially at night.
Last but not least is snorkelling by the beach which is free! You can rent snorkel, life jacket and fins. If you do not own one, rent them at RM20-RM25/set only. The best spot to snorkel is not their designated snorkelling area but it is around the rocks above!
Lots of fishes here for you to see and they are too busy to pay attention on your arrival.
What is beyond this rock will be about 15m drop which might looks a little scary but that's where all the fishes are.
You will only see this fish when snorkelling instead of diving.
Can you spot a fish here?
Not as amazing corals as you can see when diving but it is pretty good enough for snorkellers.
I do not need life jacket because it is a salt water, you will float no matter what as long as you keep yourself calm.
If you are about to ask me is it worth the trip to travel to Lang Tengah Island, I would say it is great place for a family trip who just want to have a snorkelling fun with their kids and no nightlife is required. For couples who love a quiet island, this can be one of your favourite list. For those who likes excitement and happening stuffs like me, I think this is not really your choice.
In my opinion, this island has been greatly ignored especially when government is more focusing on Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. I saw in my trip to Batu Kuching on this island, there is a resort has been deserted. From what I heard from the local is that the owner is suffered a great loss. Well, I wouldn't be surprised when the amount of tourists on this island is really few.

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