Hawker Adventure @Lebuh Kimberly, Penang

Hawker center in Penang are either grouped in an empty land/shop (example: Northam Beach Cafe) or occupying the whole street like a night market (example: Presgrave Road). Now I will introduce another hawker center that is occupying the whole street of Lebuh Kimberly at night. They are no table provided by the hawker stalls so there are about 3 dessert shops like this provide the seatings. You can order any food from any hawker stall along that road and ask them to serve to this dessert shop. The only rule they have in every dessert shop is you cannot bring in any desserts from other stalls. For your information. this dessert shop is not good. You can skip this and try the other two.
The most famous stall in this whole street of Lebuh Kimberly is this Kuay Chap Stall. 
This the normal kuay chap without any extra ingredients selling at RM4.50 per bowl. The kuay is the flat and board rice sheet which done in extremely thin which you barely need to chew. The soup is so thick and you know it is prepared for hours. 
Another option is a porridge style which is not bad too! Same price and if you would like additional ingredients will be charged separately. 
Kuay Chap is not a must try food in Penang but Fried Kuay Tiau is. Some people said if you come to Penang and had not try their local Fried Kuay Tiau, you are not considered been to Penang.  There are a few stalls that is selling Fried Kuay Tiau along Lebuh Kimberly but this is the one I highly recommend because they fried their kuay tiau using charcoal.
The wok taste and the charcoal taste in this very small plate of kuay tiau. One word I just have to tell you - delicious. The price is quite expensive for a small plate like this. It is cost at RM3.50 per plate.
This is the Satay stall that serves a lot of different meat but with a very high price as you can see. 
However, what is important is the taste. Nicely barbecued skewer meat mixed with delicious peanut spicy sauce...yummy! Whose idea is this anyway? I wanted to thank him/her!
Next is this Fish Ball Noodle stall. Maybe sound ordinary but the way he prepared the soup is not. The chef puts a lot of chicken bones in it to make the soup. It is rich of chicken soup taste.
The real chicken soup taste is in this bowl of Fish Ball noodle. It is way different from the chicken soup made from chicken stock or the instant noodle with chicken taste.
This is their another signature which is the braised chicken feet. Not really impressive because the taste is too sweet.  Overall, Lebuh Kimberly may not have gathered all the Penang famous food but it is still worth to make a point here to try some other delicacies.

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