Batu Feringghi Beach, Penang

Among all the beaches in West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, I will say Batu Feringghi beach is the most happening beach to compare with other beaches. They have lots of sea sport activities and it is always a tourist magnet.
Banana boat one of the sea activities and it requires a minimum pax of 4 to play. It cost RM60/pax. One thing about the sea activities here that you should know is there are a lot of  "scavengers" who are always looking for tourists as their prey to spend their money in this. So when the supply more than demand, you can always negotiate the price. When you see there are many tourists waiting for their turn, don't bother because the price is definitely fixed.
The most popular activity is this parasailing which you can either go in a couple or solo. The price is RM80/pax. Price given here are published price so please do note that there are still room for negotiation. Please do note that if you are trying to cut their price to dirt cheap and they are still agreeing it, most likely they will just take you up for 5 minutes where the normal time is supposed to be 15-20 minutes. Don't blame is not a scam but they called it business.
The more you pay the longer you play. That's the rule for sea sport activities. Jet ski is another one which is another so called scamming activities. You will see the worker riding the jet ski in style and speed which is very thrilling. However, when it is your turn, it is not as speedy as you would expected. They have reduced the power of the jet ski so you will not speed. Their concern maybe is safety issue because you might lose control of the jet ski but if you are already an expert, you may not want to pay money for this which the speed is slower than a scooter.  The price for jet ski is RM80/pax. You can ride alone or couple.
Here are the other activities that you can join. If you are not going to get yourself wet, the only thing you can do is to visit the Monkey Beach where you can feed the monkey which is conquering the whole beach. I never like monkey so this does not interest me.
Horse riding is another dry activity on the beach. Definitely they will not allow you to ride the horse alone. They will pull the horse along with you on it. Boring stuffs.
Batu Feringghi is not a beautiful beach and it does not have a wonderful blue sparkling sea especially when it has this smelly stream here. The best part about Batu Feringghi is enjoying the sunset.
There are relaxing activities available here which does not come cheap. Well, if you are here to relax, do not bother about the price.
Overall, I do not really think Batu Feringghi beach is very impressive after I have visited so many other beaches. However, if you are into sea sport activities, this is the place you shouldn't miss! Do be careful because there was a casualty case here where a tourist is dead after joining the parasailing. She dropped into the water from 3-storey high because of overweight. Nothing is safe for any extreme activities so play at your own risk.
Total Damage: RM3.00 (parking)
Freakout Level: 2/5
Cleanliness: 1/5
Recommeneded?: No

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