Batu Kuching Jungle Trekking, Pulau Lang Tengah

Batu Kuching trekking is where you are going to see sunset in Lang Tengah Island. Please take note that you have to start your journey by 5.30am!!! Yes, get your torchlight ready! I am not going for the sunrise unfortunately because it is really too far for me from Sari Pacifica Resort.
However, I will still guide you the walk to the Batu Kuching. First you have to walk through the lane which is next to their Beach Bar of Sari Pacifica Resort. 
And you will reached this deserted resort where no one else here even the workers. Not a surprise because the number of tourists in this island is really low. If you ever wonder why, the most fundamental thing on everyone's lips even the tour agency will tell their customers to go for Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. If you ever asked them how about Pulau Lang Tengah, they will definitely answer you: "Nothing there." 
Look at this deserted beach. So beautiful! If you want to have something, definitely there is!
Well, since nobody treasure it...we will! We treated it as our private beach! Haha! Oh ya! If you do not know where to head, please follow the yellow arrow line which is sprayed on the rock to direct you to Batu Kuching.
This is the D'Coconut Lagoon Resort which is the largest and most popular resort in Lang Tengah Island among all other 2 resorts which are Summer Bay Resort and Sari Pacifica Resort. They have 2 swimming pools on 2 sides of the beach.
Even so, I do not find that they have more guests in their resort compare to other two resorts. However, this is the nearest resort to the Batu Kuching which is just less than 10 minutes away and this is the nearest resort to the turtle landing beach too!
I like one of the rocks here which is looks like a giant hand. Pretty amazing!
If you reached D'coconut Lagoon Resort and cannot find the yellow sprayed mark anymore, do asked the employees there. They are friendly enough to guide you to the entrance which bring you straight to the Batu Kuching.
Before reaching Batu Kuching, you will pass by this Turtle Beach. This is the beach where every year the turtles will land and lay their eggs. Unable to estimate the correct date so it is really depends on your luck. However, if you are travelling on the month of June, July and August to this island. Do try your luck! There are volunteers camping on this side of beach between May to October to protect the turtles from poachers.
Just a little hike more to reach Batu Kuching, not really high but it is very steep. Please watch your step especially you are travelling here at 5.30am!
Do not worry if you are going to be lost in the woods, just follow the yellow sprayed mark again which is located on the trees at your eyes level. During the day, you will see the blue color shadow beyond the trees which indicate that you are close. During the night, you will depend on the yellow mark only.

Here we are at Batu Kuching! This place is really stunningly beautiful!!! It is worth the effort! Actually not really much effort, just a little short climbing to do while others just playing by the beach as you can see. Haha!
Actually Batu Kuching is a cliff. One of the thing to do is standing on the edge facing the Pulau Redang at the opposite. This is really an awesome view!
Do not attempt to jump from this cliff, I got a feeling there are a lot of rocks down there. This cliff is at least 4 storeys high.
There is a small pond on it which I doubt the water is clean.
If you are signing up for a boat snorkelling at Batu Kuching, this is the snorkelling site. I do believe it is beautiful but too bad our resort is way too far from this location. I do not wish to have sticky and wet body to walk 30 minutes back.
The walk took us 30 minutes but if you are doing a lot of sight seeing and photography like us, the journey will take 1 hour. Too bad that I unable to present to you the sunset view from Batu Kuching here but I do believe this post does amazed you somehow. Hope you guys enjoyed it. 
Things to bring:
1) Torchlight for each person
2) Recommend a strapped sandals
3) Drinking water
4) Snorkelling equipment (if you planned to swim here)

Total Damage: Free
Ambiance: 4/5
Freakout Level: 2/5
Recommended?: Yes

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