Hiking and Camping at the peak of Gunung Datuk, Kota, Negeri Sembilan

My first mountain camping experience happened at Gunung Datuk which is located at Kota, Negeri Sembilan. By the way, that's not how I get to the peak of the Gunung Datuk if you are wondering. 
Like anyone else, we were hiking up to the mountain. The weather on that day was not so friendly to us but we have prepared ourselves for the worst. There is no need for a guide as the trail is very obvious.
The difficulty is easy to moderate. The toughest part for me is the first 1 hour of the climb which is very steep. If having a pair of walking stick will help a lot with the climb. Previously, we had already soaked our legs in the water for long hours during our caving adventure at Gua Batu Maloi. In addition to that, the heavy rains had caused our muscles to cramp easily. 
I had all my calf muscles cramped up the moment I reached the top. I was in agonizing pain throughout the remaining 1 hour of the track but I still pushing myself to the top and not giving up. By the way, each of our bags weight more than 5kg with every each one of us was carrying 3 liters of water.
It took me 2 hours and 10 minutes to reach the top despite having such condition. I was very proud of myself that I did it. All my hard work paid off. The peak is 855 meters but the trail is about 1km long. After setting up the tent, we just clean ourselves with wet tissue and start making our dinner. We just cooked rice and cup noodles.
The camping site is not very big. If organize the space well, it is still able to put up to 10 tents. The night is quite cold but fortunately there are not mosquitoes. There are some flying bugs if you have light inside your tent. Honestly, I do not have a good sleep because the terrain is not really comfortable to sleep on and second thing is there are inconsiderate hikers who climbing up in the midnight and making noise disturbing us.  
The camping site is not the peak yet, there is still a little climb to do to reach to the real peak of Gunung Datuk. For your information, there is no water source here and no restroom available. So everything has to be done in the wild. So be considerate and choose a site which is far away from the campsite.
It is just stairs and huge stones. They have change the stairs and it looks new and steady. 
We woke up about 6.00am in the morning to watch the sunrise. Not a very epic view but it is still not so disappointing. Do enjoy the panoramic photos below by clicking on it to enlarge.

Not to be missed is to have some self appreciation time at the peak.
It was great that there are not many people at the peak. Otherwise, there are not enough place to stand and to have a great photo session.
Last but not least, we shall not forget to have a group photo as our memory.
We took only 90 minutes to get back down and to have a proper shower at their bathroom which is not really well maintained. We have to pay RM10.00/pax as the hiking fee. Do remember to bring down your rubbish and do not leave anything useless at the peak. Love the nature. Overall experience was amazing for me and everyone should try at least once.

Total Damage: RM10.00
Ambiance: 3/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Freakout Level: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes, at least once


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